Navy Blue Coat + Yellow Sweater

This was one of the coats that I bought in my November Tokyo trip, alongside this mustard number, but I somehow didn't get as much use out of it as I had wanted to. (Translation: Not enough outfit photos of me in it.)

It did such a service to me on this particular day though, when Shah and I were out exploring Tokyo on a cold, gloomy weekend day when it was pouring cats and dogs all day long. The coat isn't meant to be waterproof but it kept me warm and dry long enoughonly I arrived home late at night and discovered rainwater had soaked through around the sleeves area, but thankfully it didn't get to my skin!

It did good, it did really good.

    [ Uhbsessed with this blue eyeliner by the waytotally intentionally matched my makeup to my hijab, too ]

    Bonika Studio navy blue coat, Ginza Inz
    Terranova yellow sweater
    Levi's slim jeans
    Adidas Stan Smith Honeycomb Green
    H&M panda gloves


    1. I'm sorry, my eyes are completely riveted on those mitts of yours!!!

      1. I'm not one to wear gloves but these were too irresistible!

    2. Where do I start with what I am loving about this post?!
      The gorgeous light....with the wet pavements and the glow from the buildings picking out the colours in your jumper and scarf.
      Your cute-as-a-button gloves.
      The whole casual vibe of your outfit.
      But your glowing skin (in the close up) has stolen the show for me...and that liner!
      Beautiful, as always.

      1. Thank you, Samantha. You always make me feel like my time spent on editing my photos were worth it. Thank you so much for that.

        Ps: That close-up was a lucky shot, I don't think I look that glowy in real-life...which is why I treasure photos like them (and I just gotta put them up online) xo

    3. <3 that mustard sweater! :D

      1. Actually after reading your comment I just realised the top looks pretty mustard in these photos, but they're actually really bright yellow in real life! Anyway, glad you like it! <3

    4. Hello, I am Ada. I love finding bloggers from all around the world that inspire me with their true individuality and unique style and your blog does just that. =) What a cool coat and sneakers. Love your Winter layering, here. =)

      I would love for you to stop by my blog as well. Thank you.

      1. Hi Ada,

        Thank you for your kind compliments, it's very sweet of you. Thanks for reading and commenting, too. I'm definitely going to take a look at your blog.

        Hope you're having a nice day there!


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