Camel Coat Three Ways

Now that I'm back in Tokyo, I can't wait to relive the good times I had in my previous trips, and make new memories!

Let's not forget the winter moments I had in possibly my best coat acquisition evah: the long varsity-style camel coat. Putting photos of the three times I was in this coat side by side really shows how lighting plays such a big part in taking good photos, doesn't it? Anyway, they are all the exact same coat, in case you're wondering. 

I styled this coat quite differently each time but I personally like the one on the left the most; I really like the laidback yet bright layered look.
And also because there's a 'The Matrix' vibezzz thing going on there.

Speaking of pop culture references, my younger brother probably likes the one on the right, because he thinks I look like a Jedi (and he's kind of correct, and that's cool with me).

But I'm wondering: which of these three looks is your favourite, and most likely to wear yourself?

Photos from these original post, left to right: Long Camel Varsity @ Tokyo StationThe Cat's MeowBelted Varsity Coat


  1. Darling you look absolutely beautiful!! That coat just looks gorgeous and it is so versatile!!! I think my FAVE look is the first!!! Just because I adore denim and leopard print hehe!! Fab post darling !

    1. I adore denim and leopard print, too! Thank you so much, Saira =)

  2. That is a tough question...hmmmm....
    Probably the first look as I love your leopard scarf and the touch of denim.
    But, I would (very) happily wear the lot!
    Camel looks so good with black, doesn't it?

    1. Camel DOES look good with black! I don't know why, but it's not that easy to find a good piece of weather-appropriate camel anything in Malaysia. Perhaps it's due to the tropical-ness?


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