The Black and White Zig Zag Dress

I'm a self-confessed clothes-hoarder; I tend to buy something and keep it in my closet for ages because there just never seem to be a "right" time to wear it. This relatively dramatic witchery dress has probably been left unused in my possession for more than a year so I was starting to feel sorry for it.

PS: Prrretty sure I'm not the only person in the world who feels sorry for inanimate objects.

Throughout the year I kept pulling this dress in and out of my closet, asking myself "Maybe today?" but it was never that day. In the end I put it on for a casual tea session, on a completely ordinary day, at a place where I've been to many, many times, because I figured, why not just let the dress serve its purpose already?

And then, you know, I could stop feeling sorry for an inanimate object, because I'm not sure that's very productive.

This tea set in Serai is basically sinfully delish and chock-full of calories, I'm sure, but did I also mention they're awfully delicious? Milk tea, fried noodles, banana fritters, zig zag dress, bright blue eyelinerif that's not living life to the fullest I don't know what is.

Dress from the many stalls in Berjaya Times Square (ps: I think it cost me RM 29?)  |  Bershka denim jacket  |  Cotton On white slip-ons


  1. I love this look. Liyana.
    Everything from the beautiful dress to those shoes....and that flick of blue liner is on point!
    Wearing it for tea seems perfect.
    As for feeling sorry for inanimate objects, that is something I understand too.
    Nice jewelry lying in boxes, beautiful clothes kept for "good"...a waste of time!
    Life is for living, and enjoying....and swooshing around in a pretty maxi, eating delicious food, is a great way to live!

    1. Well, there must so many others out there who can relate to this one-sided emotional relationship with inanimate objects, aren't there?

      So happy you like this outfit / food post. I bet this tea version seems foreign to you! One day when you come to Malaysia, come look for those banana fritters; they're ubiquitous and DELISH (and super oily and not the best for the body, but can be worth it!).

    2. Hahaha Yes!
      Afternoon tea, here, comprises of sandwiches, scones and cakes. Gallons of tea and sometimes champagne.
      However, this tea looks delicious!
      I would love to join you for a fritter and tea and noodles. Yum! XXX


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