Eye Drops That Actually WORK: Rohto Eye Drops

The thing is, I don't like wearing glasses. I have a list and all to tell you why:
  • My makeup looks better without them on. I don't know how Bobbi Brown slays in glasses + makeup.
  • Mascara smears on the lenses when I have makeup on = NOT COOL.
  • Eye strain that comes and goes when I'm doing work on my laptop, or when I read a slammin' book.

So the most obvious alternative for me is contact lens, of course.
(Note: Lasik isn't so obvious for me, because I'm not ready for things that invade the inside of eyeballs.)

On the other hand, there's this issue I have with contact lens: my eyes get dry REAL fast when I'm wearing them. Much sooner than ideal! I've tried a few eye drops in the market but their pitiful attempts at moisturising my eyes just don't cut it for me.

Until these Rohto Eye Drops arrived in Malaysia, that is.

Rohto eye drops sell like hot cakes in Japan, apparently, and now they've arrived in Malaysia. Fo realz, guys, these things actually work on me, and I've been using them for when I'm wearing contact lens and also on when I'm not.

I decided to apply the blue-capped Rohto Cool eye drop just in my right eye one early afternoon with my contact lens on, to see if there is any significant difference between my right and left eye as they day progressed, and you know what? There really was. My right eye felt a lot fresher as evening time rolled around as compared to my dry left eye.

The blue Rohto Aqua might produce a temporary "stinging" sensation in the eye as it has a more intense cooling level than the white-capped Aqua one. It sort of prompts natural tears to be produced to maximise moisturising purposes, if that makes sense. When using for the first time, I would recommend warning the people around you to not be alarmed as it could appear as if you're silently crying, like I did with that single tear drop running down my face. 

And don't worry about the sting! You'll come out the other end appreciating the amazing sense of coolness and relaxation that that "sting" just provided you with. In fact, I much prefer using the stinging blue one than the milder white one, to be honest.

By the way I went to the Rohto Eye Drops event recently where I panicked for one second because the bloggers who attended were asked to demonstrate using the eye drop with a Rohto poster as a backdrop, and I was all "Dang it, I'm SO BAD at aiming eye drops into my eyes, and now they want me to do it in front of everybody??" But I did so well, guys, first eye drop went straight into my right eye. SUCCESS.

As I mentioned earlier, my eyes get strained when I'm doing laptop work or do too much reading, and both these eye drops help remedy that as well; a couple of drops in, wait for a few second before opening my eyes and they feel more relaxed already. 

Another tip for strained eyes: avert your eyes from your laptop screen or your book and stare off into a far spacelike outside your windowfor some time, so that you can give your eyes a break from whatever hard work they were doing.

Keep an eye out (see what I did there?) for Rohto Eye Drops in major pharmacies and hypermarkets around Malaysia, retailing for RM 16.90 each!

PS: Rohto's price in Japan is about the same as here in Malaysia, so lucky us!
PS2: Photos taken at a gorgeous hotel in Japan, which explains the beautiful room and the in-house robe. House-decor goals, guys.

Thank you to Rohto Eye Drops for sponsoring this post, and thanks to The Butterfly Project as well. All opinions and thoughts on them are entirely my own!


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