How To Wear Some Things At Certain Moments : Long Blazer + Palazzo Pants

There are days when I need to leave the house ASAP but look presentable at the same time. Now, I don't know about you guys, but I find those days challenging. Honestly, I'm that person who stares at a closet full of clothes and pants and dresses and shoes and bags for 15 minutes and proclaim "I have nothing to weaaarrrrr".

Let's be real though: that phrase that I constantly say in front of my closet isn't the truthnu-uhbut perhaps next time I should rephrase it to a more accurate "I don't know how to wear these things right this moment".

It certainly doesn't boast as much 'zing' as the original sentence, but isn't that really what everyone mean when they say they have nothing to wear while standing in front of a filled closet?

I bought this chiffon-like blazer thinking it would go with any pair of jeans I own, and it does, but I bet even the blazer is bored out of its fictional mind of being paired with jeans all the time. And these marigold pants that I adore are not the easiest thing to incorporate into an outfit; I wear them like palazzo pants but they're actually really high-waist culottes, something that every girl in Tokyo seems to wear, and wear so well. Plus, the colour is a strange shade of marigold. Strangely good in my eyes, anyway.

So it turns out this long blazer doesn't just go with any jeans I own; it goes with any pants I own. Something that's worth remembering the next time I need to get ready fast, like this day, and all my favourite jeans are in the laundry basket.

At least I know how to wear this long blazer at any moment!

And if I don't know which shoes to go with the outfit? I'm confident white Stan Smiths goes with pretty much any outfit...don't they?

Bershka long blazer  |  Mango black t-shirt  |  Ciaopanic marigold pants  |  Adidas Stan Smith Superpink  |  Adidas gold clutch


  1. I am that person too!
    I often stare at my wardrobe (which is very organised, so I can't blame mess) and wonder why I have nothing to wear!
    I mostly lay things out the night before, if I need a mad dash to work.
    That works quite well.
    I love this look.
    I MUST get some or these shoes....they seem to go with everything and would solve any last minute shoe panics.
    Another wonderful look (and you know my feelings on your photographs...wonderful)

    1. See I know that that is a brilliant, most practical thing to do, to choose what you want to wear the day before, but I guess I just like living my life on the edge (and also because I'm a regular procrastinator).

      Yes, get some white Adidas, or I think any white sneakers would do. Can't wait to see your outfit posts wearing them!

  2. Oh my God, I love it, what a beautiful outfit!!

    1. Hi Philippa! Very glad you think so! =D


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