Rainbow Pea Coat & The Same Old Marigold

I honestly was planning on putting these marigold pants away for a bit because I've been reaching for them too many times; it felt like I wasn't sharing the love with my other pants. But then I was about to pack this rainbow pea coat into my bag for Tokyo and I realised my coat match the pants so wellI just had to wear them together, because when will I ever get to break this coat out again?

Miss Selfridge pea coat  |  Mango black t-shirt  |  Ciaopanic marigold pants  |  Aldo monk strap shoes

In case you're wondering about the backdrop, it was this tiny arcade near my hotel in Chiba, and it was completely empty. I was getting 'clown' vibes: colourful and supposedly promises fun times, but yet so, so creepy. I swear, if I had stayed there long enough, I could probably convince myself zombies would walk into it at any moment. And I NEVER had zombie thoughts, guys. Seriously.

Thanks for reading this post! XO


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