Zalora Wish List & Cashback With ShopBack!

If you've shopped online before (and we all have, no need for secrets in this safe space), you would know that nothing beats the thrill of receiving a box full of goodies you ordered online. The excitement of seeing your things for the very first time, the anticipation of trying them outit's like getting a present every single time, from you to you!

My closet is in need of some freshening up so I think a good session of spring-cleaning would do: out with the old, worn-out things and in with the new, exciting stuff!

To get a head start, I've already compiled a list of things that I would LAVVV to get my hands on from Zalora:

(1) tw2oo Chrissy shades   |   (2) Aldo Delias Espadrilles in khaki green   |   (3) New Look Day Dreams And Ice Creams Zip Top Coin Purse   |   (4) L'Oreal Paris Super Liner V-Sculptor in bronze   |   (5) Juju Milky Blue Faux Marble Shard Cuff   |   (6) Something Borrowed Pencil Pointed Toe Flats   |   (7) Adidas White Santiago watch   |   (8) Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette   |   (9) Factorie Crossover Drape Shirt   |   (10) Keds Champion Glitter Sneakers

It's perfect timing for me to do a bit of online-shopping too since I just found out about ShopBack, a site that offers cashback reward program, which means I'm free to make use of any of the latest Zalora coupons to purchase the things on my wish list!

If you don't know what 'cashback' is, it's basically this:
  • Choose the things you want to buy online
  • Buy them
  • Get some cash back after buying
Seriously, did you guys know this was a thing with clothes-shopping? I thought this only happens when you make mega purchases, like cars. Shopping is already such a fulfilling experience (it really is) but to actually get some cash back immediately after spending cash kind of makes shopping triple times better, doesn't it? If you're an avid fan of online shopping, you might as well start earning from it too with online deals at ShopBack!

So many people shop online for convenience, and not just at Zalora too, so it's a great thing that ShopBack has great deals and cashback rewards with other online sites as well; you can get your fashion fix with so many other tantalising fashion deals.

Who doesn't want to shop and earn, right? You can have your cake and eat it too, you know, so start the process today by registering with Shopback right here.

If you're not into online-shopping for clothes, no worries: ShopBack has deals with other non-fashion websites too, so make sure to check those out.

Check out this video on cashback with ShopBack to get a clearer idea of the whole concept, and start getting money back from shopping!


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