You Can Always Be Overdressed

I never get the chance to wear this paded bohemian-inspired cropped jacket in Malaysiait's just much too humid for it! (What else is new.) I've only worn it once early last year, and I just had to seize the chance to put it on once again when I was in Tokyo recently, and pull a double-denim duty alongside it.

I can't wholeheartedly agree with the "You Can Never Be Overdressed" saying on my tee. I wear the top just because I think it's kitschyand actually because I'd feel bad about wearing it only once; it was purchased on a whim right before I watched a movie in a cold cinema, where I layered it on top of whatever outfit I had on at the time. Anyway I doubt that statement would be taken seriously by anybody reading it.
Well, at least I hope it won't...

I think you can be overdressed; I ain't gonna wear a ballgown when attending my best friend's birthday party, am I? That'd be such a douche move. If it were my own birthday party then that's a whole other story.

And you definitely can be underdressed, too. I'm a believer in dressing appropriately for certain occasions. But not to say I've got it all at the back of my handno, I wish! But hey, one never stops learning.

But one thing's for sure: it's always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Right? Thoughts?

Jacket bought from Instagram online store (my sister's)  |  Tapas statement tee  |  Mango denim shirt  |  Zara patched jeans  |  Forever 21 boots

Thanks for reading, guys! Share your thoughts in the comment section if you have any! XO


  1. A tricky question Liyana!
    I did give it some thought and I think that I would rather be underdressed.
    I know that is not a popular choice but I would always chose to feel comfortable rather than too stuffy.
    If I turned up in jeans and you were in your ballgown I would feel momentarily awkward then get down to having fun! :oD
    Disclaimer: Obviously this does not apply to weddings or other important occasions. Then I would always be up to scratch.

    1. Well, Samantha, I guess if I ever get to go to your party I wouldn't worry about looking too fancy, hahaha! XO


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