Aoyama Flower Market Cafe, Omotesando, Tokyo

I don't know if you caught my post on flowers of Tokyo but if you didn't, I mentioned at the end about crying so hard on the inside from not being able to try out the legendary French toast at the Aoyama Flower Market cafe in my February Tokyo trip. 

You might know I went to Tokyo again last month, and if it isn't obvious from the title of this post or from the picture above, well, the crying has finally stopped: I ate it, guys.

I'm not really a French toast fan to begin with to be honest (gimme waffles and pancakes any time of any day) but the reason I wanted to eat at Aoyama Flower Market so bad was because I wanted to have the experience more than anything; the cafe just looks so cosy and warm, so green and lively.
That, and I also really just wanted to eat edible flowers on French toast, because edible flowers = WIN, right?

Everything Shah and I ordered was so so SO pretty and tasty. We tried the plain French toast with fresh cream, honey and cinnamon powder, and the prettier Flower French Toast which has strawberry, raspberry, gooseberry with fresh cream, vanilla ice cream and berry sauce, with bits of condensed milk drizzling into the bowl in every directionand let's not forget edible flowers, because we can't and we musn't. We washed down every bite of those toasts with strawberry tea that has rhubarb, orange and "red fruit of the lot" (beats me what that means) and hot homemade ginger ale. 

And can we talk about the gateau chocolate cake? That fudgy moist gateau chocolate cake, with its perfect density, and sprinkled sugared powder on top? Because hot daymn that was the real highlight of my Aoyama brunch experience, guys; I want a whole cake of that thanyng right here right now.

There are plenty of yummy-sounding savoury dishes at Aoyama Flower Market cafe but since we have an exclusive relationship with halal meat, we had to say no to all of them, unfortunately.

If you guys ever get to Tokyo and are planning to hang out in the Omotesando area (and can pull yourself away from the tempura, udon, sushi, soba, yakiniku, etc., that is) definitely give Aoyama Flower Market a go.

More photos of the florist part of Aoyama Flower Market here! To see my outfit from this day, head over to You Can Never Own Too Many Denim Jackets.


  1. I am really a big fan of your cooking.. Ur truly a great cook... I have tried many recipes of yours and it was awesome


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