You Can Never Own Too Many Denim Jackets

With a total of six denim jackets purchased throughout my trips to Japan, it's pretty obvious my addiction to denim jackets intensified while I was there. It's the street style there, guys; it speaks to you and it is persuasive, and it makes you rethink your wardrobe so that you can fill up the gaps you never knew existed in your closet.
So even when you already have three denim jackets back home, it turns out you need six more.

"In all seriousness,
each and every one of them is different"

Admittedly, I have more denim jackets than I should have. It's not like I rotate them every day, or even every week, so I know I don't need too many. But denim comes in SO many shades of colours and in various styles, and that makes each denim jacket different than the nextand that's my defence too, by the way. So on that basis, perhaps nobody can own too many denim jackets.

Nevertheless I take it that I've filled up my denim jacket quota (for now) so I can concentrate on something that my closet is in a dire need of: a sleeveless denim jacket. And also a black denim jacket. Uh huh. No more blues for nowunless it's a good sleeveless one, that is.

While we're on the subject, I got this denim jacket on my second last day in Tokyo. It's a denim jacket that's completely different than my other ones: oversized, in a pretty sky blue shade, and super long. The best part is it's thin and light enough for Malaysia's weather! 
Provided I wear it in an air-conditioned location, of course.

Wearing an oversized white shirt underneath this black tank dress with the jacket for my last day traipsing around Tokyo!

Libby Rose long oversized denim jacket  |  Seed men's white shirt  |  super old dress from Glassons  |  Adidas Stan Smith  |  Issey Miyake Bao Bao chain bag

How many denim jackets do you guys own? 

For more inspirations (and ideas to replenish your denim rack), check out the photos in my denim jacket post on


  1. I have two and I thought that was a lot. That is a really cute jacket, though; I don’t blame you for keeping them all if the rest of your collection is as darling as that one.


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