Discounted Pharrell

Not the person, obvs. Although, I would imagine that would sell really, really well, too.

You guys might know I like my Adidas a little too much (Nike is practically an extinct species in my household) but, honestly, it's like I couldn't bear to see any Pharrell Williams x Adidas shoes in my size that were on sale. It's like magnetic attraction: we have just got to come together and be together. A phenomena that was bad for my Yens, and I say Yens because finding female sizes for Pharrell's Adidas range in Malaysia is a challenge but somehow I seemed to come across Pharrell's Stan Smiths in my size in Japan a little too often.

I've been wanting black sneakers for a while so when I saw these all-black Stan Smith by Pharrell Williams x Adidas in Mitsui Outlet in Chiba, obviously those babies were going into my suitcase to bring back home to Malaysia because they're basically perfection. I however faced a dilemma of some sort while I was in the shop because they were also having a sale on the flower print-tipped Stan Smiths by Pharrell, and I was like "Which ones do I get? I can't get both!"

Well as it turned out I can. So I did.
Thankfully there was plenty of space left in my suitcase this time around...

Note: Impromptu bathtub photoshoot is never a bad idea.

Are you a polka dot fan? Then the sight of these Polka Dot pack Stan Smiths might please you more than the black ones!


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