Home Decor Inspiration: Hotel The Manhattan, Chiba, Japan

One thing that I took very seriously when Shah and I bought our house was the interior decor; it's something that I never knew I would be into until I had to make up my own space. I must have done a pretty good job, I think, anywaywe got plenty of "Your house is so cosy!" compliments, which definitely made all the decorating headaches worth it. As much as I love my current interior look, I am now obsessed with pinning home decor things on Pinterest, and dreaming about the day when I would get to re-do my home decor.

For that reason, I love it when I visit living spaces that are beautiful and inspiring, like our room at Hotel The Manhattan in Chiba where we stayed during our last ever trip to Japan. I'm already deciding which elements of the room I want to incorporate into my future home decor!

The Room

I love the rich, warm hues of the room; it felt more like a fancy home than a hotel, and I love hotels that succeed in providing that feeling. I think it's so cute and kitschy how they've planted some Vogue related pages on the wall! My favourite part of the room is the cosy work station, with natural light coming in from the huge windows on both the left and right side. If you follow me on Instagram, maybe you've seen me getting awed by the "magical" curtains in the room, too!

The Bathroom

My favourite portion of the wholeee space! I am uhbsessed with their bathroomthe vanity section is SO dreamy. I absolutely adore the huge mirrors and the lightings next to them, and  the bathtubs adds such a relaxing vibe into the bathroom, with its gold accents. I was already picturing having the exact same things when I re-do my own place some day! Ah well, one can always dream...


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