One of the things that I loved about being in Japan was the street style vibes there were always bouncing off of me, giving me inspirations to try out new things with the clothes that are already existing in my own closet. Pairing a baggy, loose something with an even baggier, more loose something was ubiquitous in Tokyo; the Japanese definitely have their very own shabby-boho trend, and I lavsss it. It fits perfectly with my modest style, but with that extra edge that adds a little sum'in sum'in. 

I feel like now that I've been back in Malaysia for a while, I'm afraid I'll soon forget how they dress, and it's getting harder to play off those vibes that are thousands of miles away... What can I say, my closet and I miss Tokyo dreadfully.


By the way, that deep fuchsia Bao Bao? I am officially

Uhb. Sessed

Got it last year in Tokyo (my wedding anniversary present awww) and I finally got around to wearing it. Hoarding all the good stuff, as usual.

H&M poncho sweater  |  Ciaopanic dress  |  Libby Rose denim jacket  |  Pull & Bear scarf  |  Adidas Stan Smith x Pharrel Williams  |  Issey Miyake Bao Bao