Pink Adidas T-Shirt & Customised Beige Suit

Sometimes, all I want to wear are jeans, a tee and white sneakers. Easy, everyone's go-to combo, comfy.
Other times, I still want to wear a tee and white sneakers but then I'm all 'let's keep things fresh by topping them off with a beige suit instead'.

This isn't actually a suit, though; I got those skirt-pants (skants? I still don't know what they are) from Zara and the blazer - which I obviously love to pair with sneakers - from H&M, and I never thought to put them together until the day when I had my super pink Adidas 'Chicago' t-shirt on (and not much else), standing in front of my closet and going, "Right, what do I wear with this?"

Putting this outfit together reminded me of an important question that I had asked myself previously many, many times, and the answer than subsequently came: what's missing from my closet?
A casual suit, guys.

An actual pantsuit - preferably a printed one, too. By the way, remember the good ol' days when I was a sucker for cute things celebs wear? Well, I'm not really missing those days, because they are still happening; the main reason I'm lusting after whimsical pantsuits is because I watched Whitney Port wearing a matching red blazer-pants set when she was in an episode of the UK's Show Me Your Wardrobe ages ago, and I never quite got the idea of wanting something similar out of my head. Whitney got hers from a high street store so I had this impression that I was going to meet my very own enviable pantsuit on one of my shopping excursions, but it just never happened for me - I'm still looking for The One.

Nothing says 'Not At All Formal' than a bright pink Adidas t-shirt, but just in case, steering clear of office vibes with my "suit" here by adding loadsa distracting, contrasting things on top of the beiges: chunky tri-tone bangle, my favourite ratty bracelets, a hot white bag, and a bright matching watch.

Wearing: Adidas pink 'Chicago' t-shirt (present from Shah went he went to the States!)  |  H&M beige blazer  |  Zara beige skirt-pants  |  Adidas Stan Smith Superpink  |  Issey Miyake white Prism clutch


  1. I've gone a little CRAZY about this post Liyana.....your photos are beautiful!!
    The light and the industrial feel...then you, in soft tones and girly pinks BUT with that fabulous twist of casualness that stops everything looking too grownup and stuffy!
    I LOVE your scarf, cuff, watch, shoes and bag....if fact, just pop your accessories in an airmail bag when you are done! :oP
    A great look.

    1. I have to say, I'm pretty happy I got your approval on this look, Samantha! Thank you for your sweet compliments, I always appreciate them, always! XO


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