Sometimes, all I want to wear are jeans, a tee and white sneakers. Easy, everyone's go-to combo, comfy.
Other times, I still want to wear a tee and white sneakers but then I'm all 'let's keep things fresh by topping them off with a beige suit instead'.

This isn't actually a suit, though; I got those skirt-pants (skants? I still don't know what they are) from Zara and the blazer - which I obviously love to pair with sneakers - from H&M, and I never thought to put them together until the day when I had my super pink Adidas 'Chicago' t-shirt on (and not much else), standing in front of my closet and going, "Right, what do I wear with this?"

Putting this outfit together reminded me of an important question that I had asked myself previously many, many times, and the answer than subsequently came: what's missing from my closet?
A casual suit, guys.

An actual pantsuit - preferably a printed one, too. By the way, remember the good ol' days when I was a sucker for cute things celebs wear? Well, I'm not really missing those days, because they are still happening; the main reason I'm lusting after whimsical pantsuits is because I watched Whitney Port wearing a matching red blazer-pants set when she was in an episode of the UK's Show Me Your Wardrobe ages ago, and I never quite got the idea of wanting something similar out of my head. Whitney got hers from a high street store so I had this impression that I was going to meet my very own enviable pantsuit on one of my shopping excursions, but it just never happened for me - I'm still looking for The One.

Nothing says 'Not At All Formal' than a bright pink Adidas t-shirt, but just in case, steering clear of office vibes with my "suit" here by adding loadsa distracting, contrasting things on top of the beiges: chunky tri-tone bangle, my favourite ratty bracelets, a hot white bag, and a bright matching watch.

Wearing: Adidas pink 'Chicago' t-shirt (present from Shah went he went to the States!)  |  H&M beige blazer  |  Zara beige skirt-pants  |  Adidas Stan Smith Superpink  |  Issey Miyake white Prism clutch