One Important Mascara Trick

Mascara is magical. Seriously. If I could only own three makeup items for the rest of my life, mascara would be one of them. 

Well, it's third on the list, because concealer and lipstick are more magical, and hence they come firstbut still, mascara made my top three, guys. I could be finishing a less-than-satisfactory eye makeup and thinking "This isn't going to work OMG do I have to do my eyes all over again", but the moment I apply mascara, it's like "OK, the world is perfect again."

There was a time when my lashes would get all droopy after a short amount of time, which were especially noticeable after a hastened session of mascara-applying, regardless of what mascara I used. Usually this happens on days when I spent too much time doing my eye makeup, causing me to have no choice but to hurry my mascara and lipstick steps because I was late to wherever I was due to be. 

It took me a while to figure out what exactly went wrong, and it was this: not applying enough mascara at the very base of my lashes! I learned that applying mascara to only the tips of lashes would cause the front part of lashes to get heavier, so naturally droopiness is inevitable.

Now I realise how important it is to always take the time to wiggle my mascara brush back and forth right at the base of my lashes to ensure more lashes "support". If you think about it, mascara is like a bra for your lashes, isn't it? (It is, sort of.) My lashes definitely stay curled longer, and I also love how this trick gives you the illusion of having a thin line drawn on.

Such a good tip to remember now, as even my weakest mascara is benefiting from this trick!

Do any of you have any mascara trick up your sleeve?


  1. This is an perfect tip Liyana and such an easy one to follow.
    My lashes are quite thin and a little pathetic.
    I do this every day!
    Thank you for sharing


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