Sequinned Sneakers

Do you really need a pair of sequinned sneakers? My answer is yes. Yes you do. You need a pair.
Or two, or three. Who's counting, anyway?

Seriously, sneakers are all I'm wearing nowadays. If they weren't so darn comfortable, I'd probably boo myself for being so unimaginative with my footwear choices. If I could wear sneakers with baju kurung or any other more traditional garb like songket or a demure kaftan AND not get major side-eyes from the aunties of the world, heck yes I would. 

I suppose the key to be less boring when you're sneakers-obsessed is to own plenty of them, so that you don't keep coming back to the same pair. Although, if you're like me, you could have 20 sneakers lined down in front of you and you'd still grab the white SPRPNK Stan Smiths, but I'm saying don't do what I do. Keep it fresh, guys.

Wearing: Bershka army green jacket (last seen almost hidden here)  |  Factorie t-shirt  |  Mitsumaru Emsexcite ripped jeans  |  Aldo sequinned sneakers  |  Lancel canvas Premier Flirt bag  |  Swatch watch

These glittery black-purple-green sneakers were all lonsesome amongst the other non-glittery ones in Aldo's sale but it has to be fate when I found out they were the last pair and they were in my size. 

Meant. To. BE.

Well, OK, they were 0.5 smaller than my usual size, but if the shoe fits, right? Thankfully these do. Oh and did I mention they were slashed down to RM 80, which is like 20 USD? COME TO MAMAHHH.

So now that I own one pair of glittery sequinned sneakers, I realised this: they aren't glittery enough. Sequins and glitters, mamah is cominggg.


  1. Oh...Liyana I L.O.V.E these gutties.
    In fact I feel like I need to go a hunting.... :OD
    I like the fact the rest of your look is totally casual and understated. Ripped jeans are always a winner and your scarf is perfect!

    1. Yayyy glad you love them, Samantha! (Ps: Good luck with the hunting, let me know if you find any good ones because I want moreee.)


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