Aoyama Flower Market in Tokyo

I'm used to buying RM 2-per-stem flowers from the little flower stalls scattered around my hometown (I always buy at the old folks' home in KJ), but I'm not one to go to a proper florist and order myself a bouquet to decorate my house. It's not that I don't want to, but when I factor in my inability to take care of any living things and adding the price of fancy flowers on top of that, I become hesitant to invest in a a gorgeous, full-blown flower arrangement, just for the sake of decoration that will last for a week, tops. 

I don't actively search for flower shops wherever I go to but for some reason the ones in Tokyo just popthey're all so incredibly welcoming and super cute. I could be walking in a Metro station and see the cutest tiny flower shop, or I could be walking and turning around a corner towards a grocery store and be surprised by the sight of a display of rows and rows of vibrant flowers in little pots.

I have to say though, the Aoyama Flower Market takes the cake. Unlike most flower shops I've been to, which are always bright and usually with a white background, Aoyama Flower Market has this mysterious edge to it, and it is SO beautiful. If you disregard the array of gorgeous flowers and the non-stop flow of visitors, the ambience is almost moody but very romantic at the same time, with dark backgrounds, a selection of lovely scented products, and spotlights on the flowers to really highlight them and make them the star, as they are.

A major plus about this particular place? It has its own cafe with the pretty French toasts inside!
They even have a waiting area to for you to chill at while the florists get your customised order ready.

Go visit Aoyama Flower Market in Omotesando, Tokyo if you ever get the chanceand don't forget to try out the food and drinks at the cafe and get a few worthy snaps while you're there!


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