The Pineapple Pendant

I don't even like pineapple in its natural form, but, hey, I don't discriminate when it comes to fashion.

I don't own many necklaces at all but even then I haven't worn most of them. I haven't counted, but if I have 10, I've worn maybe two...? It's like I purposely take them home just to admire them in my jewellery drawer, or something. 

Once Upon A Time, Though

It wasn't always like that; when I was studying in New Zealand for my degree, I was pretty obsessed with Lauren Conrad's thin delicate gold necklace with the tiny red and pearl pendants hanging from it (this one, which she wore throughout many years), so I bought myself a bunch of necklaces with delicate pendants. And I didn't buy them from any shop either; I went to an actual jeweller and bought real silver and gold things. It was a phase I went through, where I saved money just so that I could buy them. I even cut down on spending on clothes, guys, so it was really serious.

I still have an affinity for thin delicate necklaces, which now have to be long enough to show under my hijab, but I'm also into cool, statement-making chunky ones. So maybe starting with this pineapple pendant, I can make the move and actually use something from my small collection of necklaces to wear, instead of just leaving it nestled in the drawer...

Wearing: Super old Dotti top (from New Zealand days!)  |  H&M men's jeans  |  Pull & Bear strappy flats  |  H&M gold-coloured pineapple pendant  |  Lancel bag


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