Polka Dot Peplum Top & Red Pumps

YAY summer is hereee 

oh wait it's summer all year around in Malaysia anyway, so, nope, the excitement is not applicable here - not so much. I've always wondered, do people who live in four-season countries feel bad for Malaysians because we only ever get "summer" every day, or are people maybe even jealous of that fact? I'm not sure if I'll ever know the answer.

There's a story behind every thing in my closet, and as for these red pumps: 
Shah and I were in London and I was shopping for an outfit to wear to see Matilda the Musical that very night. I adore all of Roald Dahl's books but my absolute favourite is Matilda - I'm in love with the book - and I was so exhilarated about getting to watch its West End adaptation that I wanted to dress up for it. 

I ended up with these red pumps and a matching red top at H&M, and we went back to our hotel room where I got all dolled up (full-face makeup, spritzes of perfume, the whole deal) in preparation for the night. But right before we were going out of our hotel room door, I freaked out about hobbling on wet pavements (it was a rainy day but hey it's London, right?) and ultimately falling on my way there and missing the show, so I hastily switched to flats. 

Cute red heels or no cute red heels, I had a fabulous night out in London; I felt like crying when the show ended, it was so moving. On top of that, Shah and I stumbled upon Jamie Oliver's Jamie's Italian restaurant on our way back to our hotel OHEMGEE Jamie Oliver guysss and had the best time eating pasta for supper. (PS: Nope, Jamie didn't magically appear, as much as I was willing it to happen.)

Wearing: Mango long-sleeved crop top  |  no brand polka dot peplum top  | Mitsumaru Emsexcite ripped jeans  |  H&M red pumps  |  Furry bag from Nishi Ginza mall

And that is the story of these shoes, and now you see me wearing it. It's amazing how just one piece of my closet can remind me of a whole wonderful adventure I had once upon a time - even when I didn't have it on during that particular adventure! Do your closet pieces do the same for you?

Well, heels aren't really for me, anyway; the pain is not worth the hours of looking elongated and extra womanly. I'd have a pair on for one hour and go "Oh God no this is not working where my sneakers at WHERE THEM AT." But I guess putting them on for 59 minutes won't hurt me too much!
Unless I fall over or tripped, which I didn't on the day these photos were taken, thank God.

I wish I have the strength to not even look at heels when I'm out shopping, because why look at things that you can't get much wear out of (<--- this sounds like a lie, but nevermind that for now) but, well, I'm weak, and heels are too pretty...


  1. You look great! I think ,btw, that Jamie Olliver is the best Cook!

    1. Thank you Nancy, and oh my God, he isss, I just love watching him cook!

  2. Wow! This outfit is just everything.
    And those shoes, I love them!!


    1. Thank you Karen! I have to say, I'm very happy someone else appreciates this look too =D XO


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