Easy Chicken Rice Porridge Recipe // Resepi Bubur Nasi Ayam Senang

* untuk resepi dalam Bahasa Malaysia, scroll ke bawah ok! // to read recipe in Malaysia Language, please scroll to the bottom, yahhh.

The food section of Affordorable has been neglected, poor thing - not for my lack of cooking though! I cook a few times a week but usually at night, which means the lighting is simply too terrible to photograph anything, and I don't have any pro artificial lighting source lying around my house but darn it I wish I do sometimes, for this exact reason.

To be honest, I took photos of this rice porridge weeks ago but apparently I was waiting to get a nasty sore throat and a cold to share this recipe with you guys; I was perfectly healthy when I made this porridge, which explained me using the cute bowl to serve my rice porridge in, and look at all those fancy garnishes sitting pretty at the top, guys, whattt, that's real, guys. In reality, rice porridge on sick days would not have any garnish - heck no, those condiments would be mushed into my porridge, served in whatever bowl that is clean and within reach, and I for sure won't have time to photograph the bowl. But this is one of those stories of blog vs. real life, which you guys get, don't you?

Rice porridge is so so so easy to make, and perfect for the kind of sore throat that makes swallowing more painful than normal. Plain rice porridge is also relatively bland, which makes your choice of condiments super important to make it tastier - but feel free to choose whatever condiments you like to add some excitement to it!

Here's how to make this exact "Liyana" version of chicken-infused rice porridge:

Ingredients (for 1 person):
- 1 cup of rice (I would advise against using basmathi rice because that takes way too long to turn into porridge for some reason; I like using fragrant jasmine rice, or just any plain boring white rice, really.)
- 1 chicken breast (or whatever chicken part you like, and however much, too)
- Plenty of water, or you can mix with chicken / vegetable broth
- Half a handful of dried anchovies
- Half a handful of spring onion
- 2 cloves of garlic (or more)
- 1 egg

How to make it:
1) Immerse chicken in boiling water in a pot (enough for the water to cover the chicken) until chicken is fully cooked. Take chicken out and put aside. Reserve the water.
2) Wash rice and transfer into the previous boiled water. Put on low heat - it must be on low heat, because we don't want to burn the bottom part! - and let rice cook.
3) Do NOT let water dry up, because we want rice porridge, and not rice rice - we want that comfy mushy porridge in our bowl! Keep on adding water a few more times - or your choice of broth (or a mix of both, your call) - and give a good stir in between. (PS: I don't use broth, simply because I don't have broth in my kitchen at all times. Plus, do you know how expensive boxed broths are? I'm not the type to make my own broths or whatever, either.)
It's totally up to you how you want your consistency of rice porridge to be; I like mine to be like a super thick soup. If you like yours to be more watery (or less), adjust how much water you put in. It's always good to start with a small amount of water and keep an eye on it, although this takes too much effort, so if you're like me, feel free to wing it too. Just know that the rice has turned to porridge once you the oblong shape of the rice grains are no longer defined, and if that isn't clear enough I don't know what else is. Season with with salt, and pepper, if you wish.
4) I like eggs. You like eggs, don't you? Yummy, yolky ones? Just before your rice porridge is totally done, make a little hole within your porridge and break an egg in it. Cover your porridge pot for a bit to let the egg cook.
5) Now, for the condiments! Shallow-fry dry anchovies in a pan, and put aside. Slice your garlic cloves, shallow-fry them until they're browned, and put aside. Use a fork or your fingers to tear off small pieces of boiled chicken breast, and put aside. Chop off spring onion and put aside.
6) Transfer rice porridge into a bowl and be VERY CAREFUL when transferring the egg, because we don't want to break the yolk - at least not just yet. Sprinkle all of the condiments from step 5 on top. 


I just love the saltiness of the crispy fried dried anchovies with the bitterness of those browned garlic slices! I'm a huge fan of spring onion, too, so I like to top that up as I scoop up my porridge.
What would you put in your rice porridge bowl?


Resepi dalam Bahasa Malaysia tak payah panjang sangat, sebab kita dah biasa masak bubur nasi righttt. Ramai readers Affordorable berasal dari luar Malaysia, so resepi panjang kat atas ni sesuai untuk diorang!

Bahan-bahan (untuk 1 orang)
- 1 cawan beras (kalau boleh jangan guna basmathi rice, sebab lama sangat nak tunggu jadi bubur; guna beras wangi atau beras biasa)
- 1 ayam dada (atau bahagian ayam lain, and nak tambah ayam pun ok!)
- Air. Air lagi. Tambah air lagi. (guna broth ayam or broth veggie pun boleh yah, atau campur pun ok)
- Ikan bilis
- Daun bawang
- 2 biji bawang putih
- 1 telur

Cara-cara masak:
1) Rebus ayam sampai masak. Keluarkan ayam, dan letak ke tepi. Jangan buang air rebusan dalam pot tu!
2) Cuci beras dan masukkan dalam air rebusan dalam pot tadi. Pastikan api dapur super rendah, sebab kita taknak bahagian kat bawah hangus.
3) Jangan bagi air dalam pot kering selagi beras belum jadi bubur - kalau biar kering nanti jadi nasi pulak kan. Terus tambah air beberapa kali lagi - atau campur dengan broth, up to korang nak guna mana satu. Up to korang jugak nak bubur cair ke tak cair; kalau nak cair, tambah air banyak kali lagi ok? Tabur garam dengan serbuk lada putih untuk flavourkan bubur.
4) Bila rasa bubur nasi tu almost nak ready, buat satu lubang kecik dalam bubur tu, and pecahkan telur kat dalam. Cover pot untuk biar telur masak.
5) Untuk condiments pulak: goreng ikan bilis sampai rangup, slice dan goreng bawang putih sampai jadi brown, koyakkan dada ayam jadi kecik-kecik, dan potong daun bawang kecik-kecik.
6) Transfer bubur dengan telur dalam mangkuk favourite korang, dan taburkan condiments dalam step 5 tadi kat atas bubur.

Siap dah!


  1. That sounds and looks great! I thinkyou an use pandan rice too. And the anchovies is surprising. I once made a potatoes gratin fro a recipe by Jamie Olliver and used anchovies and it was delicious! Come join my Fancy Friday linkup later today! I would love to see you! Have a great weekend.

    1. The usual anchovies used in this part of the world is pretty different, I think; ours are very dry and pretty tiny, compared to the anchovies you get in jars over there - and in comparison THOSE anchovies are hard for me to get here in the local supermarkets! Pandan rice sounds yummm.


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