Lumberjack For Real (Sort Of)

OK, this slightly gritty (I said "slightly") may exude a tiny bit of lumberjack chicness (are we still allowed to use the word 'chic', like is it cool to use, because I don't even know), but for sure, this is the real lumberjack look:

The plaid, the blue jeans, the "boots" (which are actually Adidas high-top sneakers, but let's slide past the tiny details for a bit) and perhaps minus the hijab,  I mean...I'm just missing an axe here, really. 
Even if there were an axe, it'd be just for show, of course - not that anyone's ever asked, but pretty sure no one could pay me enough to cut down trees, because I love the fact that they provide us with oxygen.

This was taken earlier this year in low light, near sunset hour, when my family and I went on a family vacation to Ipoh - more specifically, to Tambun, where we had the best time taking our inner child out for a run at The Lost World Of Tambun and rented this Frozen-themed apartment (no association to Disney and company, just to be clear; it's "homemade"). I didn't plan on taking any outfit photos so there was nothing super interesting in my carry-on on that trip. 

I wish there was, though; isn't the background spectacular?

Wearing: Pull & Bear plaid shirt  |  Mango jeans  |  Adidas AdiHoney MidW sneakers


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