How Often Do You 'Recycle' Your Clothes?

When it comes to the topic of repeating outfits, I wonder: is it obvious in Affordorable that I recycle my clothes a lot? I'm guessing that unless you've scrutinised and studied each of my previous outfits (PS: Please don't do this, there are always better things to do), that might not be the most obvious case - which is both possibly good and possibly bad.

I'd say it's good because it means I've managed to play around with my clothes well enough, but then, well, the thing is, I want people to know that I recycle all parts of my outfits, because one of the points of me blogging about my personal style is to share that you can look presentable, even with limited sources.

So how often do I recycle my clothes? Pretty often. Most of my recycling moments happen more often off-camera but I try to wear my clothing items and accessories repeatedly as often as possible in Affordorable - without attempting to bore anybody and make people go "What's the point of visiting this site if I'm seeing the same thing allllll the time", obviously.

There's always a group of "favourites of the moment" when it comes to the things in my closet, so those favourites will be rotated more often in a particular period of time. But I'm also the type of person who constantly put on something I acquired one year, two years ago, all the time - sometimes even three, four, five years ago.

But anyway all the things I wear in this particular outfits are relatively new - nothing older than two years, that is - but they have all been seen on Affordorable and are definitely on my current rotation now. It's also nice to give my jeans and sneakers a little break!

Wearing: Lilly Rose denim jacket (also seen here)  |  Ciaopanic two-piece dress (also seen here)  |  Aldo monk shoes (also seen here)  |  H&M saddle bag (also seen here)

What are your thoughts on recycling clothes? Any tips on how to make it more effective?


  1. I love this post! It's so easy to think that fashion bloggers have a limitless wardrobe, but if you've got a favourite staple item, why not style it in different ways?! I like to 'recycle' clothes by bringing them to charity shops and picking up 'new' things whilst I'm there. Selling clothes you don't wear on Depop is also a good idea - you can re-invest the money you make in new items! That's what I'm doing with books at the moment ahaha

    Steph -

    1. Brilliant suggestions, Stephanie! When I lived in New Zealand I used to visit these charity shops all the time to pick up great-quality second-hand things, so I wish they were available here in Malaysia.

      I haven't sold anything online in yearsss, but I've heard about Depop, so I might look into that in the future.

  2. I like your writing, and I like it when bloggers show their clothes in different ways! We dont all have an outfit for each day right😜 beautiful background!

    1. We don't, but don't we all wish we do? =)

      I love the background too! And it just happens to sort of match my outfit, which was lovely.

      Thank you Nancy! XO

  3. Love this post. So many people have the misconception that fashion bloggers have endless wardrobes or are getting tons of free clothes for posts. The truth is, we're real people who wear clothes over and over like everyone else, we just don't do it on camera. LOL

    1. Hi Ana,

      It's a famous misconception, for sure, although I wish it were the entire truth for me! I do love the idea of getting free outfits just for them to make an entrance on my blog, though, but well that's just wishful thinking =)


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