Eid al-Fitr 2016 Outfit: A Green, Gold & Black Raya

Selamat Hari Raya and Eid Mubarak to all my Muslims readers around the world! How was your celebration of the day? 
It's been more than a week since the first day of Syawal, the month that comes after Ramadhan in the Islamic calendar, but I'm pretty sure most Muslims intend to celebrate Eid during the whole month of Syawal! It's definitely the one month in Malaysia that is filled with the most festive weekends, with open houses and wedding invitations. By the way, this year's Eid for me was amazing!
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I had quite a busy couple of days prior to Eid, which meant I had no time to contribute any content to Affordorable - I think this has been the longest break I took from blogging in the longest while! I was mainly helping my mom at her house with cooking and baking Raya cookies (we call Eid "Raya" here, actually), and then spending the nights cleaning up my own house right after doing the nightly Ramadhan Terawikh prayers with my family. I think it was my most exhausting last days of Ramadhan ever, because, you know, I'm 30, and I finally realised my responsibilities as a helpful, mature daughter. 
Better late than never, and all of that. You guys know.
As always, I left my Raya outfit shopping almost to the very last minute, and by "the very last minute" I really meant a few days before the first day of Raya. Most people always seem surprise that I do my Raya shopping that late, but ever since I got married, I've been less fussy about what I wear on the morning of Raya. I mean, as long as I look gewddd and all, then everything will be fine in my book - plus I haven't really encountered any problem with late Raya-shopping! I've always managed to find a decent ready-to-wear outfit in a mall somewhere.
Although, there was a tiny hiccup this year; I bought this gorgeous, interesting flowy green top with a matching skirt in Subang Parade (can't wait to pair it with jeans!!!) and after handwashing them, discovered that what I thought was a shiny blue thread in the skirt was breaking apart and crumbling to the ground. I was really disappointed, especially because it was a relatively pricey skirt. Since this betrayal was only evident to me the very night before Eid (betrayal by the shop, that is), I had no time to buy a new skirt and had to be content with this floral one that is the bottom part of an older 'modern-traditional' baju kurung I own (see here to understand 'modern-traditional'), but I thought my modern twist on the 'modern-traditional' baju kurung looked fine in the end! (PS: It's very similar to my last year's Eid outfit, by the way.)
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I initially wanted to pair this outfit with nude shoes and bag but decided to add a solid colour to offset all the greens and golds, so I threw on these black heels from Mango that I kind of really love and the cutest embellished black evening bag that I bought in Tokyo from Kinji Used Clothing, which I kind of am uhbsessed about
And, what do you know, I finally experimented with a new hijab style, guys.
All in all, it was a wonderful, beautiful festivity for my whole family on Eid!
What did you wear during Eid? Share in the comments down below, I'd love to know!


  1. What a beautiful blouse, great color and the bell sleeves are fabulous. I am glad you enjoyed your festivities. Hope to see you tomorrow on Fancy Friday linkup!

    1. I realy did enjoy Eid! Thank you, Nancy =)

  2. You look so beautiful Liyana!
    That green is stunning and the way you have tied your scarf really sets the whole look off.
    I am sorry to hear about your skirt...that is really annoying!!! But, I am glad to hear you enjoyed yourself.
    P.S... Is that a under-top/ layering piece under your green top? I love the look of it (that is the kind of layer I love to wear) Where did you get it?

    1. Yes, it was especially annoying for me because I rarely spend too much on one piece of clothing. But things happen! I'm just glad I was able to move on from the disappointment,

      The "sleeves" under my top are sort of like gloves, and they go up to right above my elbows and stop there, with an elastic band to keep them in place. Here they're called "hand socks", actually! They're worn by hijabis who would like extra coverage. I don't usually wear them but I felt like they were necessary with this top. They're only sold in certain places here; I had to do quite a bit of hunting to get a pair in a green that's close enough to my top!

  3. I made similar 'sleeves' out of wool, I have 3 cashmere ones made out of jumpers that I accidently shrunk in the wash!
    I use them as an extra layer against the cold.
    They look really stylish too, and can add a pop of colour to other outfits.
    These sleeve things look great on you!
    I understand the point of them (for modesty reasons) but they also look very elegant and modern.
    I am going to have a look on ebay :oD
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. I have a pair of striped one that I think could be a great addition to an outfit, but I haven't found the right top to pair them with yet! Most of the hand socks sold here are made of very thin cotton to accommodate our hot and humid weather. But I can imagine the extra cosy effect that wool and cashmere "sleeves" would provide in a cold country such as yours, Samantha!

  4. The shoes you're wearing with this outfit are FABULOUS!!!!! I'm not even a shoe person!!!

    1. I'm not a heels person but I DO LOVE these black ones! I feel very sassy in them hahaha! I'm looking forward to wearing them again, because I haven't been able to since this Eid day - I don't go to many events that require such fancy shoes, that's why. But I guess they should be perfect for any normal jeans day too, aren't they? Just maybe less comfy, but I'd look nice anyway!


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