Accidentally Sort-of Matching

Recently I joined my mom for a dim sum brunch to celebrate her sister's / my auntie's birthday. I tend to take my respect for the generations above me into consideration when it comes to dressing up to be in their company; that means my goal was to look appropriately demure, but it's also important that my style identity is still intact at the same time - no ripped jeans, nu-uh, but yes to skirts, fo shizzle.

After enjoying steamed and fried dim sums and fried rice and seafood soup and vegetable dishes (the food was real good, guys, thinking about them is legit making me hungry), my cousin Ira and I went out into the hotel's foyer - which is pretty huge and gorgeous - to get a couple of OOTDs out of our day.

She pointed out how we had accidentally gone sort of matchy-matchy with our outfits, and she was right! Ira and I both love makeup and fashion but we have pretty different styles: I'm a sneakers girl while Ira is a super-high-platform-heels kind of girl, but evidently we both have the same love for denim jackets (and both are from Uniqlo too, what are the odds?) <3

I'm wearing: Uniqlo x Hana Tajima denim jacket  |  Mango slit skirt (hence the Angelina-Jolie leg-out pose) |  Long-sleeved black dress (no brand)  |  Lancel sling bag  |  no makeup except concealer, brow gel and tinted lip balm!

Ira's wearing: Uniqlo denim jacket  |  Limited t-shirt  |  Pants and platform heels from Berjaya Times Square  |  Forever 21 earrings  |  Vintage sling bag

*photos taken using iPhone 5s


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