More Shirt-Dresses, Please.

Wanting more of button-down shirt-dresses like this polka dot one (first worn in Tokyo!), because of how it functions as the perfect cover-up on top of my simple plain t-shirt and denim jeans outfit. 

I haven't broken out my fuchsia Longchamp in the longest while - the best when it comes to lugging around all the stuff you need and more for a long day out! 
(PS: I'm one to discuss a bag in detail, and me talking about 'hearting' Longchamp bags in 2013 is proof.) (PS2: Some thoughts in that post no longer reflect my principles, because it's three years later and things change, guys.)

Wearing: Shirt-dress from bazaar in Atria  |  H&M t-shirt  |  Levi's jeans  |  Vans x Nightmare Before Christmas slip-ons  |  Longchamp Le Pliage


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