How Do We Feel About Applying Lipstick In Public?

Who knew that this could be an issue - I certainly didn't - but apparently it might not be as innocent as I thought it was. I do it all the time in restaurants after eating at the table (only when I have a full-face makeup on, that is) but I was told it isn't good practice to do so. 

But is this true in the first place? 

Now that I think about it, I can't remember the last time I saw someone applying lipstick in public, to be honest. 
No wait, actually, I do; it was on a train in Tokyo. But in Malaysia? I'm surprised that I can't even recall seeing this, so perhaps it's not the norm here.

The question is, how much should I care about about those that find this unfavourable / embarrassing (for me) / borderline-offensive? Are these people even in the majority? 
Am I actually over-thinking with this "non-issue"? (PS: I know I am, because I'm dedicating a whole post on it, but for the sake of argument...)

At the end of the day, I think I'll continue doing it anyway - certainly saves time than nipping to the public bathroom, doesn't it?

Do you do it, too? What are your thoughts on this?


  1. I think you should totally be able to do it in public. it probably startles people because it's connected with the idea of being quite a bold woman who stands up for herself (at least it is here in the UK!). Go for it!

    Steph -

    1. I like that! The notion, I mean - that women who do this are perceived as bold and are able to stand up for themselves. For me it was an innocent act, but I realise there are many ways to look at this one same thing. Thank you for the fresh perspective, Steph <3

  2. Applying lipstick is undeniably sexy, especially in a bold hue from beautiful packaging with a pretty compact.
    Anyone who finds the fact that any woman takes pride in their appearance offensive needs to get a life.
    Any women who is offended by another womans beauty or attractiveness is to be pitied.
    Any man who thinks it is inappropriate to be your beautiful best needs a good shake!
    Any stranger who feels the need to pass comment should mind their own business!

    I think applying lipstick in public is a statement of confidence and comfort in your own skin.
    Anyone with a problem with that should..."Awa and bile yer heid!"....{Scottish, translates into English "away and boil your head" which means "Go away and stop talking rubbish!"...a double translation is needed for that phrase!}
    Keep appling your lippy and being your beautiful best Liyana!

    1. I'm actually genuinely touched from this comment, Samantha! In a way I feel like you're sticking up for me from afar. It's the best thing when women stick up for one another, even when we might not necessarily do exactly what the other does - and it is certainly sad when some women feel the need to put others down, just because they disagree with the latter's actions. (Although I'm guessing you're the kind of woman who has no problem whatsoever applying your beautiful red lippies in public, too!).

      Thankfully, no mean comments have ever been directed to me as I put my lipstick on in public (to my face, that is), but it was a conversation that followed from after applying my lipstick at a restaurant one day that got me thinking about this issue - or non-issue, whichever way you look at it.

      I find it extremely interesting that one little innocent action could bring on such different reactions. Your reaction and Steph's from above are the best ones that I was hoping for, I have to say!

      Thank you for commenting, Samantha! XO


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