Cereal Killer

One fun fact about me: I love cereal. I usually have up to four different cereals stored in my refrigerator, so that I can have cereal buffets for breakfast whenever I please. I cannot tell you guys how long I have been waiting to use this title; finally it is ninety nine point nine percent relevant to my content today!

Have I ever mentioned how hot and humid Malaysia is? Oh wait I think I have, only about 21377 times, I think. But just in case this is your first time here in Affordorable, let me share this one piece of info with you: it is hot AND humid here in Malaysia.

So for a hijabi like me, layering isn't usually a practical option - not that practicality is my main concern, because I do layer occasionally. 
OK, I always layer, because fashion. 
But on a more serious note: seriously, to please my personal style preferences, I find it challenging to try look good while dressing modestly without resorting to layering, so I basically have to "teach" and challenge my body to adapt under the weight of more than one layer. I mean, you can't expect us to see a cute menswear-inspired oversized blazer in Topshop and not want to throw that on our shoulders on a date night, OK?

In all honesty, does my logic make sense? If it does / doesn't, please let me know by commenting, because this can turn out to be a good discussion, I think.

On regular days though, when I just want to pop out and run errands quickly, I always want to wear something that I can throw on without having to add anything else underneath (like a see-through top) or on top (like a t-shirt) and walk out the door. I don't have many options for those, to be honest, so it's always a delight when there's a new addition for this purpose. So here it is, guys, my comfy long-sleeved "cereal killer" print top. (PS: Why doesn't my local grocer carry Fruit Loops, what a travesty.)

Wearing: Pull & Bear cereal top  |  H&M high-waisted pants  |  Adidas Neo sneakers


  1. You would love the cafe (www.cerealkillercafe.co.uk) Liyana!
    It is in London and super-trendy.
    I think your blouse looks like it is covered in Cheerios...what are fruit loops??
    I am obviously a ametuer when it comes to cereal knowledge!
    As for the weather....
    I thought that covering your body was a cooler option than exposed skin when in hot and humid temperatures?
    Although, to be honest, I don't have much experience of hot and humid.
    You would be in layering heaven, here in Scotland....could you make a waterproof hijab??!! :oP
    Great photos.

    1. Hi Samantha!

      Yesss, I've read all about the cafe before! Some of my Instagram friends have been there, and I always go green looking at their photos! It's my dream to go there one day - it'll be such an amazing experience for me as a cereal-lover.

      About covering up, I've read that scientifically, covering your skin in humid weathers help keeps you cooler supposedly, but I actually always find exposing my skin keeps me cool(er). It's probably the sweat evaporating that's providing the cooling sensation, I think (I know this doesn't sound attractive, but we do tend to sweat more here!).
      But in cases when the sun is shining super bright straight at me, I much prefer to keep my skin covered, to prevent the "stinging" feeling.
      Sincerely hoping I'm making sense here!


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