Denim Jacket + Black Dress (& In Need of Inspirations)

Ever since my trips to Tokyo ended, I feel like I haven't been getting any fresh wave of inspiration. As possibly whiny and pretentious as that sounds, guyss fo realzzz, it's happening to me and I need helppp. Like I legitimately am too much of a nerd and a geek to say that just for the sake of it, and I really mean it - where my creative juices at? Why are they drying up??
I'm using TWO question marks here, so if that doesn't convey the seriousness of my situation, I don't know what will.

Does that happen to you guys? Is this feeling normal?

I genuinely miss Tokyo so much, and still get these pangs in my chest from missing the city; there really was just something about Tokyo: the hustle and bustle, the crazy-interesting street-style there, the culture, the shopping buzz...

But then again, if I'm being real with myself, I know deep down that it's not really because of me not being in Tokyo; it's how I was really trying out new things and living life there.
And wanderlust. That's another thing, too, it must be.

I don't think one needs to travel to "live life" but going to a new place certainly offers a fresh new perspective. Even if it's visiting a new mall to do your shopping - that's something, isn't it? Heck, even grocery-shopping at a new supermarket might totally inspire a completely new finger-lickin' recipe! Like the time I went to a grocer in KL instead of PJ and seeing their cheese counter; I now appreciate cheese + grapes on a WHOLE other level.

Honestly, if I take the time to spend time exploring the streets of my own city, or any adjacent major city, I'm sure those creative juices will start flowing again. They'll have totally different vibes from what I experienced in Tokyo, but what's important is they'll be new, and just as interesting!

Not to mention the chance to discover new places for outfit shots too, am I right?
(PS: Windy days like this particular day honestly felt like a gift!).
(PS2: I LOVE this sage green shawl, it's the latest cutest addition to my hijab collection, and I wish I had gotten more of it in different prints!)

Wearing: Vintage Levi's jacket from Kinji Used Clothing  |  Black dress from Fashionista, Subang Parade  |  Timberland shoes  |  Louis Vuitton Speedy  |  Swatch Cheshire Cat watch  |  Rings from Lovisa and Tokyo


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