What Happened Recently

Can you guys believe that it's nearing the end of August? Like I seriously feel 2016 just started not too long ago (pretty sure it's not just me feeling this way!).

1) Can't wait for more good movies
The three most recent movies I watched at the cinema are The Shallows, Jason Bourne (faveee) and Suicide Squad, and they were all enjoyable enough that I was left wanting more. 
I am so, SO EXCITED about The BFG coming out! I absolutely adore reading Roald Dahl's stories including The BFG (my all-time favourite is Matilda), so I know for sure that I'll be getting all the feels when I watch the movie.

2) Eid ending earlier this month
Ramadhan ended on 5th of July and Syawal arrived, which is the month we celebrated Eid - and the celebration lasted pretty much for the whole month! I had a great time, too; my favourite things to do were always visiting relatives and friends and eating all kinds of Eid food and Eid cookies.
To see some Eid outfits from this year, check out these posts: 

3) Instagram Stories
I do have Snapchat on my phone but I virtually never used it (that is, until I saw my cousin Ira aiming her phone at me at a dinner one night, and I had to force myself to check her snaps and stories in case there's anything indecent in there, and all that). 
I'm not sure why; I never felt the pull to actually use Snapchat myself, but I'm kind of into Instagram Stories for now! I check my Instagram feed multiple times a day some days and I'm always posting there, so I just personally feel it's the more accessible app for me.
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