In Love With the Pajama Trend

You might know these two things about me:
1) I love a good casual suit (proof 1; proof 2)
2) I love a good "pajama" - for the day, that is (I feel like this vintage striped top passes the trend)

I'm always on the lookout for affordable casual two-piece pajama suit, but they're not easy to come by - the "affordable" part especially, anyway. Imagine my excitement when I saw the Mango outlet in Mitsui Outlet near KLIA offering something to appease my affinity for the pajama trend - AND it comes in red, my favourite colour. 

L-o-v-e-s it when I find a gem in outlet stores.

I thought of wearing black everything else but I recently bought these teal green floral-print Stan Smith - my first canvas Stan Smith - that I actually think makes the perfect printed addition to my printed "pajama" set. My favourite part of the shoes is the print looks like something a grandma would have on her living room couch, with a little round table next to it with her knitting needles on it = SO GOOD.

Wearing: Mango top  |  Mango pants  |  H&Mt-shirt  |  Adidas Stan Smith  |  Patched clutch & round shades from Shibuya 109, Tokyo

PS: Happy long weekend to my fellow Malaysians! Find me at @theliyanaaris on Instagram to see what I get up to during it (I'm having fun experimenting with Instagram Stories!).


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