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Matchy Striped Set on Ira

Ira said she didn't think the top and pants were meant to be a set, but they're certainly almost identical enough to be the chicest casual "suit" you could have in your closet; I'd absolutely a hundred percent buy the top and pants if I had seen them in Monki myself!

The only difference in styling when it comes to what Ira did and what I would have done? My bravado in fashion doesn't quite extend to 3-inch platform heels - the fear off toppling off is just too great - so I think I'll just stick to my sneakers!

Ira wearing: Monki striped top  |  Monki striped pants  |  Brands Outlet clutch  |  H&M bangles  |  Heels from a random Instagram shop

Ira and I were very matchy-matchy with our outfits for a dim sum brunch one morning - go see it!


  1. Is this your sister? Love her outfit :)

    1. Hello, Farida!

      I love her outfit too! She's actually my cousin - a whole 11 years younger than me as a matter of fact, but we both have the same sort of interests =) Thank you again for commenting, love XO


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