Manchester United x Adidas: A WAG (of Fan Version)

I went out today wearing this Manchester United sweater by Adidas, which is so comfy but surprisingly didn't even make me feel stuffy, considering I took about 10 minutes walking around in the hot weather (to take these photos in natural light, why else would I be far from the A/C?).
It then occurred to me that while I am not a wife to a professional athlete, I definitely am a WAG - except I'm a WAG of a hardcore professional football fan. I'm telling you, this exists. I mean, I was never a fan of football until I met Shah!
Actually, calling me a "fan" is a bit stretching it... I definitely support Manchester United alongside Shah - out of loyalty, no doubt - and I totally understand the lure and love for the team and the sport, but I can't tell you how many times Shah explained to me the concept of "offside" and me totally getting it, only to forget what it is a couple of months later. I guess the memory part of my brain just doesn't feel like it's an information that should be top priority...
Coming back to this sweater: HOW CUTE IS IT? (We can agree to disagree.) I legit want to live in cosy sweaters like this! It was such a good day to wear it, too; Manchester United has been losing quite a bit, bummer, but they won against Leicester City hours ago and it felt SO GOOD - extra good to see Shah celebrating in extreme happiness.
It's a good day for my other favourite sports fan, too: my little brother is an Arsenal fan, and he just went back from our place after watching Arsenal beat Chelsea. 
I had a GREAT Saturday - I hope your Saturday was just as fun and happy <3
Wearing: Adidas x Manchester United sweater  |  Mitsumaru Emsexcite ripped patched jeans  |  Something Borrowed booties (love their versatility; see the booties + princessy dress & the booties + flare jeans)  |  Natural Beauty Basic oversized clutch

PS: Hey look, this old post of me wearing a Manchester United Jersey way back, two years ago, when Angel Di Maria just joined, OMG TIME FLIES.
*Photos taken using iPhone 6s (because I left my camera at home!)


  1. That bag is perfect with the sweater- can't say I'm a football fan but you are totally making me want to be...! x

    Claudia // Lipstick Theory // Lifestyle Blog

    1. Hi Claudia,

      Thank you so much! I'm glad you approve of the pairing of the bag and the sweater together =) Hahaha well I'm not much of a fan either but when it comes to cute football-related tops I think I'm in all the way!

  2. I learned to be a football fan from my father more than from my husband. This was mainly because my dad was a fan of a very successful team (the Green Bay Packers-American football) My husband is a fan of the Minnesota Vikings (the state we live in) On top of that, these teams are BIG rivals. I claimed to support them both.
    Soccer is becoming more and more popular in the US and I LOVE how intense the fans are!
    You look sporty spectacular. Your bag tops off you outfit so well and in the photo where you're turning to walk away you look like a model!
    A fun posting Liyana!

    1. American football isn't big here, Judy, but we actually love watching movies about them. And, oh dear, it must be tricky when Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings go head-to-head!

      Soccer fans are definitely intense, YES! (Although I think most sports fan are, haha.) When I was in Madrid, near the stadium, there was a Real Madrid match about to start and there were police EVERYWHERE, and even policemen on horses making the rounds; apparently the fans there can get real rowdy. It was certainly an interesting learning experience.

      I'm glad you like the outfit, and I have to say I'm very flattered you think I could look like a model! I wish I could appear that way in all photos, haha, but I'm learning! Thank you for commenting again, Judy <3


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