I went out today wearing this Manchester United sweater by Adidas, which is so comfy but surprisingly didn't even make me feel stuffy, considering I took about 10 minutes walking around in the hot weather (to take these photos in natural light, why else would I be far from the A/C?).
It then occurred to me that while I am not a wife to a professional athlete, I definitely am a WAG - except I'm a WAG of a hardcore professional football fan. I'm telling you, this exists. I mean, I was never a fan of football until I met Shah!
Actually, calling me a "fan" is a bit stretching it... I definitely support Manchester United alongside Shah - out of loyalty, no doubt - and I totally understand the lure and love for the team and the sport, but I can't tell you how many times Shah explained to me the concept of "offside" and me totally getting it, only to forget what it is a couple of months later. I guess the memory part of my brain just doesn't feel like it's an information that should be top priority...
Coming back to this sweater: HOW CUTE IS IT? (We can agree to disagree.) I legit want to live in cosy sweaters like this! It was such a good day to wear it, too; Manchester United has been losing quite a bit, bummer, but they won against Leicester City hours ago and it felt SO GOOD - extra good to see Shah celebrating in extreme happiness.
It's a good day for my other favourite sports fan, too: my little brother is an Arsenal fan, and he just went back from our place after watching Arsenal beat Chelsea. 
I had a GREAT Saturday - I hope your Saturday was just as fun and happy <3
Wearing: Adidas x Manchester United sweater  |  Mitsumaru Emsexcite ripped patched jeans  |  Something Borrowed booties (love their versatility; see the booties + princessy dress & the booties + flare jeans)  |  Natural Beauty Basic oversized clutch

PS: Hey look, this old post of me wearing a Manchester United Jersey way back, two years ago, when Angel Di Maria just joined, OMG TIME FLIES.
*Photos taken using iPhone 6s (because I left my camera at home!)