Lately I've been feeling my glasses a lot more than usual - so much that I don't mind in the least wearing them for my outfit shoots, which is a nice change (unlike back when I really wasn't a fan of glasses). 
You might be seeing more of them in lieu of contact lens in this space, so I'm reeeaaally hoping you're feeling them, too.

Other things I've been feeling? Ripped jeans and patched jeans (and rips and patches both in one pair of jeans, of course). 

I saw these particular patched jeans on a mannequin in H&M and I knew I had to have it. Pairing them with one of my latest Adidas additions, whose motifs feel very kimono-inspired so obvs I'm uhbsessed with 'em, and this oversized duster which is super-thin so it's not that crazy to wear in Malaysia (or perhaps I looked crazy to some, who knows).

Wearing: Mitsumaru Emsexcite (Shibuya 109) duster (previously worn here)  |  Factorie t-shirt  |  H&M patched jeans  |  Adidas Stan Smith shoes

On another note, if you're a regular reader, you might know that I've recently changed my blog look, but I have major concerns about the drop in the number of my daily readers; it's pretty significant, so I suspect my blog template isn't SEO-optimized (terribly non-optimized, I'd say), which really isn't great at all! I did notice the codes were a little all over the place after I bought it, so I have to say I'm disappointed, since obviously this template wasn't free (it really was not).

It's such a frustrating process to change my blog look (I should know, I've done it too many times!) but I might have to consider changing it yet again *crying on the inside*. I'm not aiming to be Chiara or Nicole Warne, but I do put in pieces of my heart and soul into this little space so ideally I would love to reach as many people as I can, and perhaps inspire people positively in any way that I can. 

All I can say for now is: wish me luck, guys!

UPDATE: I literally JUST changed my blog template - to a much, much simpler one. I still need to do some tweaking but for now I'm happy with this new look - we'll see how this new one goes. Hoping for the best XO