Silver, Glitter & Pop(s) of Colour

It's pretty seldom you'll find me in black head-to-toe; I suppose I've always been earnest about filling my life with bright colours and just naturally tend to seek out colours on the daily.
PS: Did you know the walls of each room/space in my house have different colours? But they work, I promise you.
PPS: Not that black - or white - isn't a colour, but, you know what I mean, doncha?

Going monochromatically black in an outfit sure has its perks, though; I don't really have to worry about different elements not matching. If I start missing brighter colours, well, easy-peasy, just carry a bright bag around! (Note: Totting a colourful book makes a nice addition, too.)

Another rare thing to see me in? Silver jewellery, actually. I've always fancied myself as a 'gold gal' but I fell hard for this bohemian silver Labradorite Magic, which is a perfect match for my flowy monochromatic look.

Wearing: Zara black-grey striped split-sides tunic  |  Black maxi skirt from random shop in Les Halles, Paris  |  Michael Kors Selma in Mandarin Red  |  Aldo glitter sneakers  |  Labradorite Wisdom Light ring from

To see the original design of my now-faded henna, head over to my previous hijab with earrings post!

*Thank you Labradorite Jewelry for sponsoring the ring (and letting me choose my favourite!)


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