A Blogger's Nightmare

It has happened: my camera is out of order.

I haven't been putting on my blogger hat as regularly after my F1 post series, due to the flu / cold bug I caught right after Usher's concert at Sepang that got worse with time. I was down for a whole week, and then another week after that; there was like a day or two in between when I thought I was getting better and already celebrated internally but unfortunately the bug was like nah gurl I ain't done with you. 

Can't tell you guys how very glad I am about feeling much better now!

The week after I got better turned out to be quite busy so I haven't been taking photos as much as I'd have liked, especially to cover for the previously crappy two weeks. Honestly, I have real admiration for bloggers who work full-time and blog consistently at the same time! I was just getting back in the groove over the weekend but I was in the middle of having my outfit photos taken on Sunday when suddenly my camera lens decided to play with my feelings (like the bug did) by going nah not the time for you to get your groove back, gurl. 

Since my trusted (well I did trust it before it betrayed me) automatic point-and-shoot needs to be sent for checking (please please let it be a tiny problem that can easily be fixed!), smartphone cameras would have to do for now, I guess - which scares me a little, to be honest, because with Shah's and my meagre photography skills, I always feel pressured to deliver the best I could when it comes to my blog's photography, but I'm hoping for the best!

Regarding this outfit, basically this is how I look like when I'm out for a super casual drink (preferably chai tea latte) with a girlfriend + not expecting to take an outfit photo. But life is full of surprises, so let's just say we had a grand time snapping photos of each other outside the cafe, pretending we're Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid...

Wearing: Mango sweater (last worn on blog here)  |  Levi's jeans  |  Adidas Relace Low sneakers

Photo by @aleazulkaply, taken on iPhone 6 a few days before my camera went into dysfunctional mode


  1. This looks like the perfect outfit for continuing your convalescence from the flu. I'm so sorry to hear that you were so sick! As a teacher I always got a flu shot and I've just continued to do so.
    Stay well Liyana!!

    1. When I was studying in New Zealand, students were encouraged to get flu shots, mostly in preparation for winter (and exams!) but flu shots are not the norm in Malaysia, not at all! I've been upping my fruits intake lately just to get some extra vitamins boost, haha. Thank you Judy <3

  2. Your outfit is one of my go-to outfits when I go to school every wash day. Haha! :D I also got the flu last two weeks and I hated it when I was on bed all day and just surfing the net. Take care always, Liyana! :)

    Augustin Ra • Indie Spirit

    1. Hi Augustin!

      If this is your school's outfit on a wash day, I definitely want to see what you wear when you have your full closet at your disposal!
      It definitely stinks to have the flu because I feel like I miss out on so much just by sitting at home all day, especially on weekends.
      Take care too, Augustin! Thank you for commenting <3


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