Everyone's Allowed One Crazy Impulsive Purchase

And these pants are mine.

Honestly, I can't remember the last time I bought something that I saw and really wanted right away that is so darn hard to work with. It's too fancy for working-out; it's too casual for a date; it's too pretty (not to mention not roomy enough) to wear around the house. I threw logic out the window with this one, for sure.

What's your most recent crazy purchase?

Wearing: Sly oversized white shirt  |  Zara t-shirt  |  Adidas floral pants  |  Adidas Stan Smith  |  Issey Miyake Bao Bao bag


  1. Nah, I'm pretty sure that we're all entitled to 27 crazy, impulsive purchases and that's just in the clothing category!
    These pants are absolutely darling!!! They are cute, colorful, sporty, feminine and comfy ( well they look so...) all at the same time! How can they possibly be crazy when they hit so many categories!!
    I like floral pants and often refer to them as my happy pants! I'm a gardener so I appreciate floral prints in many versions.
    For a fun print mix, wear them with the blue and white striped hijab!

    1. There I was, pretending like this pair of pants is my ONLY recent crazy impulsive purchase... Haha! But it's the craziest, I think. I'm glad you like the pants! They're alright comfort-wise but they're not as comfortable as they look to be honest.

      And heyyy they WOULD go well with blue-and-white stripes, won't they? Still not sure what to wear between the scarf and the pants, though... In this case I went with the white shirt because it was a safe option; I might go with denim jacket or something similar next time!

  2. Liyana, thank you again so much for your lovely comment, you're the sweetest and your blog is AMAZING! You have gorgeous photos and I love how you style your headscarf to match your looks, your posts are brill. Big hugs <3

    1. You're welcome, and THANK YOU for taking the time to comment here too, Lucy! It means a whole lot to me, coming from you, whom I regard as an already successful blogger. Can't get over you using the word "gorgeous" to describe my photos and the word "amazing" to describe my blog - I'm just going "Omg omg" over here, honestly!
      I'm going to take your lovely compliments as an encouragement that I feel I need to thrive here in my own virtual space.

      See you at Shiny Thoughts soon, Lucy - sending love all the way from Malaysia XO


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