Photo Diary: Day 2 / Race Day Formula 1 Sepang 2016

So, I kind of got unwell for the longest time right after my F1 weekend; I thought I was getting better, but for some reason whatever viral flu / cold thing I had had other plans, oh well. Did you catch my previous F1 outfit post, by the way? I've been away from blogging for almost a week, mah God! So many things happened, including Mercedes AMG clinching their THIRD Constructors' Championship in the Japan race!

. . . . . . .

Back to my own F1 recap: believe it or not, it was even hotter on Sunday in Sepang. The weather changed constantly from cloudy to sunny on Saturday but it was pretty much bright all throughout Sunday - but hey, can't complain too much, as rain would have been worse!

Right before the race started!

When you're a slow eater and have less than 30 minutes to finish your food

Pit stops ARE THE BEST

I mentioned the F&B tent in Day 1 photo diary post but unfortunately, Shah and I were both too famished to even bother taking proper photos of the food and inside the tent. If you follow me on Instagram and have actually been constantly checking out my Instagram stories (issokay if you don't, narcissism isn't my thing), you might, might have just seen stories of the food I ate (well, you do get ONE photo of me scarfing down pasta here, yay for you) and the scenes inside the tent during my F1 weekend. Important things to know about the tent: 1) It is air-conditioned, 2) the food was decent enough, and 3) Come and go as you please for the free food (bonus!) - until the race starts, that is!

Neither of the Mercedes drivers won the race (I feel for yah, Hamilton) but having Rosberg on the podium was still something (and he's leading!). It was also super cool to see the people spilling onto the track to get closer to the podium at the end; I can't say I didn't contemplate running down myself but my lack of sufficient SPF protection (hence, my vanity) effectively prevented me from joining the crowd.


Nico Rosberg on the podium, yasss

I've definitely caught the F1 bug (which is obvs a much nicer bug to catch than the one I caught after the weekend) but this experience was even more amazing because Shah and I got to cap off our first F1 experience together with Usher's concert the same night. I still can't even believe I got to see Usher perform live so I had to watch videos on my iPhone just to keep on convincing myself, plus we were very close to the stage, too; Shah and I had the best time singing our hearts out (to whatever little lyrics we memorise, that is) and dancing madly to the addictive beats.

Come to think of it, why was I even surprised I got sick, right? I mean, of course. I'm just very thankful Shah is way more resilient and has a stronger immunity system than I do!

Practically a ghost town after it all ended

Good times, guys!

PS: Have a look at my first F1 pyjama outfit post!


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