I can't remember the last time I fell in love instantly with a dress that I saw on a mannequin in a store. Actually, has that ever even happened before...? It was love at first sight for me with this floral, ruffle dress - or perhaps it was lust at first sight, who knows? Not that it matters, because the thing that truly matters is this dress totes stole my heart.

I knew I wanted to wear it during my F1 weekend straight away; I just can't get over the pretty autumnal print, and those ruffles that cap my sleeves! (PS: Shoulder ruffles = bomb.com) I went two sizes up because I was going for a loose and airy effect, so the dress, which is designed to be somewhat tea-length, appeared longer on me, too.

Best purchase I've made in a long while, guys. Plus, it's below RM 100 -  and it wasn't even on sale!

Same case with these gold-tinted exaggerated cat-eye shades I had on; I saw them and thought "MUST WEAR TO F1". The thing is, I have plenty of shades from Aldo but never in my life bought them at full-priced, simply because I never needed to, but these I need so I buy.  #zeroregrets
I actually bought a yellow-mustard scarf to go with the dress but I decided to switch to this teal one last minute because it's almost identical to the official colour of Petronas a.k.a. the colour of the Mercedes AMG x Petronas team. Staying united, and all.

Since my Adidas backpack has almost an infinity-and-beyond kind of space, I decided to wear it again (saved me time from transferring my 137 items from Saturday to a different bag) but jazzed it up on the bus to Sepang that morning with a bunch of pins I got with the shades.

The best part about this dress is not even the price, nope; it was how comfortable I felt in it. The dress definitely helped me endure that hot, hot Sunday of my Formula 1 weekend - which, incredibly and not even kidding, was even hotter than the previous day!

Wearing: H&M floral ruffle dress  |  Bershka cutout boots (last seen in Like Lumberjack)  |  Swatch Cheshire Cat watch  |  Kate Spade bangle & cat-ear ring

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