What I Wore To F1 Race Day: H&M Floral Ruffle Dress

I can't remember the last time I fell in love instantly with a dress that I saw on a mannequin in a store. Actually, has that ever even happened before...? It was love at first sight for me with this floral, ruffle dress - or perhaps it was lust at first sight, who knows? Not that it matters, because the thing that truly matters is this dress totes stole my heart.

I knew I wanted to wear it during my F1 weekend straight away; I just can't get over the pretty autumnal print, and those ruffles that cap my sleeves! (PS: Shoulder ruffles = bomb.com) I went two sizes up because I was going for a loose and airy effect, so the dress, which is designed to be somewhat tea-length, appeared longer on me, too.

Best purchase I've made in a long while, guys. Plus, it's below RM 100 -  and it wasn't even on sale!

Same case with these gold-tinted exaggerated cat-eye shades I had on; I saw them and thought "MUST WEAR TO F1". The thing is, I have plenty of shades from Aldo but never in my life bought them at full-priced, simply because I never needed to, but these I need so I buy.  #zeroregrets
I actually bought a yellow-mustard scarf to go with the dress but I decided to switch to this teal one last minute because it's almost identical to the official colour of Petronas a.k.a. the colour of the Mercedes AMG x Petronas team. Staying united, and all.

Since my Adidas backpack has almost an infinity-and-beyond kind of space, I decided to wear it again (saved me time from transferring my 137 items from Saturday to a different bag) but jazzed it up on the bus to Sepang that morning with a bunch of pins I got with the shades.

The best part about this dress is not even the price, nope; it was how comfortable I felt in it. The dress definitely helped me endure that hot, hot Sunday of my Formula 1 weekend - which, incredibly and not even kidding, was even hotter than the previous day!

Wearing: H&M floral ruffle dress  |  Bershka cutout boots (last seen in Like Lumberjack)  |  Swatch Cheshire Cat watch  |  Kate Spade bangle & cat-ear ring

PS: Read about my F1-outfits most important requirements in my Qualifying Day outfit post - and don't forget to check out Day 1 Photo Diary for scenes around Sepang!


  1. I am in love with the colours of your dress... it is so autumnal!


    1. I'm in love with it, too!

      Thank you for visiting and commenting, Saira! XO

  2. This dress is just beautiful. There's nothing quite like the vibrancy of a floral print on a black background. I completely understand how it could steal your heart.
    I also giggle a bit at how you've become such a big soccer fan in such a short time and I love how you chose the scarf to support the team!
    How wonderful that you and Shah can share the fun!
    Also love your boot Liyana. This style is "the" trend for fall and winter. You look great girl!!

    1. Hi Judy!

      Yes, I think the floral against the stark black background was what really "got" me. I'm keeping my eyes open for more similar things now, that's for sure - and same goes for those boots! I've actually never seen cutout boots like these, not before and after I got these ones, so it'll be a pleasant surprise to see a similar pair.


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