Photo Diary: Day 1 / Qualifying Formula 1 Sepang 2016

This marked the second time I got to watch Formula 1 race in Sepang. My first F1 Sepang experience was YEARS ago, when I went with my siblings and cousins to watch the race from the Hillstand area; I remember we went with such a positive energy but came home in a complete opposite state of mind: cranky, grumpy, hot and sweaty and bothered, and vowing to nevah EVAH return again.

Years have passed and whatdayaknow, I now happen to be married to a man who is both an avid football fan (soccer to some of you - he's a Manchester United fan!) and Formula 1 fan. I know, some of you are like "but what about the time you kind of vowed to never set foot on any F1 ground and all", but, you know, the things you do for loveee. After last weekend, though, I'm afraid I have to take back my words, and I'm yanking them back hard because I legitimately enjoy watching F1 live now - I have to go back next year, guys!

I definitely think where you sit to watch the race matters; sitting on the hill years ago was really uncomfortable, plus the area was not sheltered at all. You guys know how hot Malaysian sun is, right? Combined with the humidity, I'd advise anyone to stay indoor as much as possible when in Malaysia!

The food sold at F1 are really expensive too so being that young, we didn't even think to bring that much money and could probably only afford to buy a bottle of mineral water and a measly small snack. 
And surprise, surprise: F1 is noisy and loud. Very, VERY loud; combined with the hot sun shining straight on our hatless head (another mistake), my sister and I came home with nasty headaches after our day on the hill. It wasn't a surprise we hated that day so much!

So what changed this time around? Well, first of all, Shah got tickets for the fully-sheltered Diamond Grandstand (where the sunlight didn't even hit), which is where the starting point of the race is, and the podium was also almost right in front of us. Our tickets also came with free food at a F&B tent (meaning it's sheltered - and air-conditioned!). Surprisingly, I only complained about the noise for like 5 seconds before I started to feel the magic in the vibrations of the engines revving (I ditched my earplugs after about 5 seconds too, in case you're wondering).

But I think the main reason I had such a good time this year was I had a team that I was supporting and personally invested in: the Mercedes AMG x Petronas team (Petronas is an oil & gas company in Malaysia!) has been the champion for two years in a row, and they're well on their way to clinching the championship for the third time.

Actually I think the team would have won it already if the two drivers had won in Sepang, but sadly Lewis Hamilton's engine caught fire - but at least Nico Rosberg placed third! By the way, did you know Shah and I went to their meet-and-great in KLCC? But they left early, so, next time / year, perhaps! (?)

Scenes from Race Day / Day 2 coming right up! <3

PS: To see what I wore on Day 1, head over to What I Wore to F1 Qualifying Day: Pyjama Love


  1. I'm sure Shah is just thrilled that you've caught the racing bug. Sounds like you had a great day. Was that a picture of Shah in the white and black shirt?

  2. He is thrilled, Judy, because whenever he talks about F1 now, my eyes glazed over a LOT less! I really did have a great day.
    And yes, the man in the white shirt and cap is Shah; he doesn't like to be photographed much (he much prefers being behind the camera) but I managed to sneak in a few shots of him during the race, probably because he was on cloud nine!


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