I don't necessarily think this pyjama set is the most flattering thing I own, but they're darn well one of the most comfortable, though!
. . . . . . .

My main priorities when it came to dressing-up for my F1 weekend were comfy, airy, and no-show for sweat spots (my worst fear when I have to be outdoors!) - and no layering whatsoever, if possible! I chose to wear my "jammies" on Saturday and, man, was it a good choice or what for the hot, HOT weather. I'm really glad I went with it, even though I donned it pretty recently
The only makeup I wore were concealer, eyebrow gel + some pencilling in, and some balmy lipstick (plus SPF, of course); I was too worried about having eyeshadow and mascara smudging, and foundation sliding off my face and getting splotchy in the extreme humidity.

Some necessities I brought to accompany my jammies were a straw hat (to prevent tan lines along my forehead, which happens to a lot of hijabis), my Adidas backpack that can fit in LOADS of stuff, and a good pair of shades (which I forgot to photograph, but they happen to be my most favourite shades - see them here).

Posts for outfit Day 2 and scenes around Sepang circuit coming right up!

Wearing: Mango shirt and pants  |  Adidas Stan Smith  |  Adidas backpack  |  Aldo hat