What I Wore to F1 Qualifying Day: Pyjama Love

I don't necessarily think this pyjama set is the most flattering thing I own, but they're darn well one of the most comfortable, though!
. . . . . . .

My main priorities when it came to dressing-up for my F1 weekend were comfy, airy, and no-show for sweat spots (my worst fear when I have to be outdoors!) - and no layering whatsoever, if possible! I chose to wear my "jammies" on Saturday and, man, was it a good choice or what for the hot, HOT weather. I'm really glad I went with it, even though I donned it pretty recently
The only makeup I wore were concealer, eyebrow gel + some pencilling in, and some balmy lipstick (plus SPF, of course); I was too worried about having eyeshadow and mascara smudging, and foundation sliding off my face and getting splotchy in the extreme humidity.

Some necessities I brought to accompany my jammies were a straw hat (to prevent tan lines along my forehead, which happens to a lot of hijabis), my Adidas backpack that can fit in LOADS of stuff, and a good pair of shades (which I forgot to photograph, but they happen to be my most favourite shades - see them here).

Posts for outfit Day 2 and scenes around the Sepang circuit coming right up!

Wearing: Mango shirt and pants  |  Adidas Stan Smith  |  Adidas backpack  |  Aldo hat


  1. What an interesting print in your hijab!!
    Your outfit looks perfect for tackling the tough problem of fashionable comfort. So often we must sacrifice one for the other.
    It looks like you nailed both Liyana!

  2. Thank you, Judy! This crazy-printed scarf is one of my latest ones, but it's actually already one of my firm favourites. I love the colour red, so must be the splashes of red that attracted me to it! I can't quite figure out what the prints are supposed to be. At first I thought it was some sort of leopard print, mixed in with geometrics, but, hmmm...well, it's interesting, alright!

    I like the term "fashionable comfort". I'm glad you think I nailed both here; hoping to continue nailing it in the future =D


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