Demure Tent Lady For The Day

As a hijabi I always prioritise modesty over everything else, but I feel like I've always added my own flair when it comes to dressing up. One thing's for sure, though; I dial down that "flair" whenever I'm in the company of my family-in-law - especially my parents-in-law. On this particular day, Shah and I went to the airport to do a little send-off for his  family members who were leaving for umrah, and I decided to be a demure human tent for the day.

I actually really prize this poncho-like top and wish I could find something similar. It could possibly look drastically different, depending on how you style it - check out how I made it quirkier in Tokyo earlier this year with denim jacket and added loads of colours on top!

Wearing: H&M poncho/sweater top  |  H&M t-shirt  |  Zara flare jeans  |  Zara lace-up flats  |  Marc Jacobs bag


  1. You are not even close to resembling a tent my dear Liyana. You look very cute and ponchos/capes are very on trend right now!! This one looks super versatile!
    I just saw an interesting news story! Here in Minnesota, where I live, a very pretty young Somali woman is competing in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant. She is Muslim and is wearing a hijab through all of the various aspects of the pageant. She is also wearing the body covering swimsuit (of course) for that part of the competition. I think this is really cool and I hope it sparks conversation and support for the Muslim people of my state and their efforts to assimilate while retaining Muslim beliefs and traditions.

    1. Thank you, Judy! You just intensified my desire to search for a dupe, though, oh dear oh dear.

      I Googled about her - she is GORGEOUS. If I walk past her on the streets, I'd probably stop just to ogle her. But more than anything, at 19, she sounds like an intelligent fine young lady, too! I have to say, WOW, I applaud her for being brave (I do think she is!) to be competing in such a pageant at this moment in your country. I know some people look down on beauty pageants but I actually believe if done right, they could be an amazing platform for spreading any positive message. I genuinely hope she will succeed in breaking stereotypes, and to make people think twice about the misconceptions about Islam and Muslims that some media outlets have been feeding to the public, as well as question them.

      More than anything, Judy, can I please tell you that I am so happy and so glad to know how your feel about the situation. Regardless of what has happened, I just know that there are many, many more like-minded women and men like you in your country - and isn't that what makes a country great?


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