As a hijabi I always prioritise modesty over everything else, but I feel like I've always added my own flair when it comes to dressing up. One thing's for sure, though; I dial down that "flair" whenever I'm in the company of my family-in-law - especially my parents-in-law. On this particular day, Shah and I went to the airport to do a little send-off for his  family members who were leaving for umrah, and I decided to be a demure human tent for the day.

I actually really prize this poncho-like top and wish I could find something similar. It could possibly look drastically different, depending on how you style it - check out how I made it quirkier in Tokyo earlier this year with denim jacket and added loads of colours on top!

Wearing: H&M poncho/sweater top  |  H&M t-shirt  |  Zara flare jeans  |  Zara lace-up flats  |  Marc Jacobs bag