I Tried The 7-Day Sheet Mask Challenge and Here's What Happened

I know, I know, I'm SUPER late to this game, but better late than never and all, amiright?

My cousin Ira recently recommended two Korean skincare products to me - both of which I'm still testing out - so I thought I'd give my skin some extra taste of the whole Korean beauty shebang by trying out the 7-Day Sheet Mask Challenge that people were going crazy about a while ago.

My verdict: Eh.

I mean, I know that plenty of people are totally hooked to sheet masks, but I'm not sure if I'm one of them. Sure, I'm still using sheet masks even after the seven days but mostly I just enjoy the process of pampering my skin, which I find relaxing. Not so much for the result, though, which was pretty subpar; I did notice that I woke up with my skin a tad more hydrated than usual but there was nothing magical happening.

At least, not to the naked eyes, so I've transited to a twice-weekly sheet mask routine in the hopes that in the long run it could be beneficial to my skin.

My guess is it does matter what seven sheet masks you'd be using for the duration, but since I tried Googling "best sheet masks" and never did find out definitive answers, I decided to use whatever sheet masks that I already owned and topped them off with a few more that looked promising to me. The Korean beauty tip I learned: Use a sheet mask (don't forget to massage its serum into skin after peeling the mask off!) after cleansing and applying your essence and serum, and before the moisturiser, which is the final "sealing" layer.

The seven masks that I tried (not all are in pics):
- Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet Acai Berry
- Neutrogena Deep Hydrating Mask
- LuLuLun Face Mask 7 Days Whitening (PS: I used this exact mask twice in this challenge.)
- Pure Beauty Pomegranate Antioxidant Facial Mask
- B.liv Absolute Matte Clarifying Mask with Active Charcoal Mask Sheet
- Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet Aloe

I don't even think I have a firm favourite out of the six of them but my least favourite is the Pure Beauty Pomegranate one, simply because of its strong perfume-y fragrance. I liked the smell of Nature Republic Acai Berry and was pleased to have extra serum goodness in the bag after getting the mask out. Another tip I learned from this process: Smooth out extra serum from the bag onto your neck, hands, and whichever part of your skin that needs extra moisturising.

I heard that Innisfree masks are pretty popular, so their masks section is where I'll be headed to next!

Are you a sheet mask fan? If you are, PLEASE do suggest your holy grails to me, because I most definitely want to give them a go!


  1. You can try W.Lab's Water Beam or Honey Beam mask! It works really well for my skin and is super hydrating. :) Good luck!

    1. Thank you for the suggestions! My skin does seem to be needing extra hydration now, so I'll try to get those two the next time I do some Korean beauty online shopping.

  2. Hey hun,
    I love Innisfree, Neogen and Etude House masks - holygrails
    I have dry dull skin so I go for moisture n brightening masks 🙌
    Btw my tip is squeezing whatever serum's left into 3 cottonpads in an airtight glass container.. When I need some mask action I just peel the cottonpads in 2 and place them on my face 😊

    With love (n moisture)

    Rikke Lorena

    1. Hi Rikke Lorena,

      I've never heard of Neogen but I'll be looking into their masks, and will try to get some the next time I shop online for K-Beauty stuff.

      By the way, GREAT TIP with the cotton pads - never occurred to me to store away those leftover serum! I sincerely hope my readers will read your tip too.


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