Here's what I wore to see the recent Manchester United vs Arsenal match at TGV Cinema on Saturday. Remember this Adidas x Manchester United sweater
They put on Astro channel 813, which isn't HD, so the quality is pretty crap if I'm being a hundred percent honest. That itself isn't worth the RM 20 ticket but I've got to say, the spirited vibe in the cinema was infectious! I went with Shah, my siblings and cousin (my little brother is a die-hard Gunner) so that made the RM 20 worthwhile, definitely. 
Go with a huge crowd of family and friends who support either team - of any live match showing there, that is - and you're guaranteed a good time, for sure.

PS: It was 1-1. A draw. Ah well. At least both parties were happy...? Or equally frustrated, take your pick!
Wearing: Adidas x Manchester United sweater  |  Kitschen maxi skirt  |  Adidas Stan Smith  |  Adidas backpack