For Manchester United vs Arsenal

Here's what I wore to see the recent Manchester United vs Arsenal match at TGV Cinema on Saturday. Remember this Adidas x Manchester United sweater
They put on Astro channel 813, which isn't HD, so the quality is pretty crap if I'm being a hundred percent honest. That itself isn't worth the RM 20 ticket but I've got to say, the spirited vibe in the cinema was infectious! I went with Shah, my siblings and cousin (my little brother is a die-hard Gunner) so that made the RM 20 worthwhile, definitely. 
Go with a huge crowd of family and friends who support either team - of any live match showing there, that is - and you're guaranteed a good time, for sure.

PS: It was 1-1. A draw. Ah well. At least both parties were happy...? Or equally frustrated, take your pick!
Wearing: Adidas x Manchester United sweater  |  Kitschen maxi skirt  |  Adidas Stan Smith  |  Adidas backpack


  1. Oh Liyana the shirt is really classy with the long skirt and the Adidas give it just the right touch of sportiness. This is a very creative outfit and looks really comfy too!

    1. It felt SUPER comfy! Thank you, Judy =) I've been thinking about adding more oversized sweaters like this into my wardrobe, but the sweater prices at Adidas are quite scary! (The ones there fit me comfortably.) This is one was worth it, though.


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