A Little Off Your Rocker

It's not every day that I want to go out the door wearing a polka dot cape top over of a long oversized white shirt on top of a pair of culottes, and continue to add polka dot socks and super chunky derby shoes that are not meant for walking, and oh let's not forget that patent black lips clutch.

But when that day comes, and if a similar day comes to YOU - and it doesn't have to be about changing up your outfit, of course; it could be about doing something completely out of the ordinary for you, and going a little off your rocker, like going to a fancy restaurant to eat one huge juicy expensive lobster that you've dreamed about for the past few months, or trying cha cha-dancing for the very first time, or going to see three amazing movies all in that one day - 


Wearing: Super old cape-top from Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid  |  Sly white shirt  |  Ciaopanic culottes  |  Bershka chunky shoes


  1. Love love LOVE this outfit!
    Those shoes have me grinning ear to ear... especially paired with spotty socks.
    The loose and floating layers are divine.
    I like this side of you Liyana :oD

    1. My day always gets better when I get approval from you, Samantha! Very, very glad you like this quirkier look from me <3

  2. Hey girl! You're not quirky, you look really cute! You've clearly not only embraced the day, but also the fun, humor, colors and creativity that is Liyana!
    Also I have to say that your makeup looks beautiful. It seems more intense than your usual. More contouring perhaps? A smokier eye
    perhaps? Anyway you look lovely my dear!

    1. Thank you, Judy! XXOO

      I did a winged-out shadow, added plenty of brown hued powder blush to my cheekbones and wore a pearl purple lipstick, all of which I rarely do nowadays. I used to putting all sorts of crazy colours on my face. I too love how prominent my makeup came out in these photos! It's a bit heavy for day-to-day but it's fun trying out something new once in a while.


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