Have you ever had a morning when your goal was to look cute yet feel comfortable at the same time (and like a pro procrastinator, you didn't plan out the perfect outfit the day before) so you spent one and a half hours trying on about twenty tops, three skirts, four pair of jeans, and mentally combing through your boxes of sneakers, and then still couldn't come up with one decent outfit?

Well, that happened to me on Sunday morning. I reached a point where I had half an hour remaining to dress up, eat, put my makeup on, and drive myself to my parents' house to pick up my mom and my sister - which in my world is quite the impossible feat - so I finally went TO HECK WITH THIS and put on one of Shah's shirts (my favourite trick when I couldn't decide which of MY tops to wear) and a pair of ripped jeans (that was not one of the earlier four jeans I tried on), grabbed a pair of shoes that were not sneakers that kind of match and RESULTS.
PS: I also managed to eat a piece of toast while putting on concealer, brow-gelled my brows, and curled my lashes; the red lipstick was applied in the car.

I mean, I still think I look cute, despite my sister saying "You had 90 minutes and you came up with...this?"

Well, however she feels about it, at least I felt comfortable, which is super important, amiright?

By the way, I picked up my mom and sister a tad late. Told you it's an impossible feat...

Wearing: Polo plaid shirt (men's)  |  Mitsumaru Emsexcite ripped jeans  |  Pull & Bear flats  |  SpRay patched bag  |  Mango shades