I'm very happy that my Samsung camera is fixed! It was just a loose screw that made the shutter get stuck, so I'm really glad it wasn't anything more serious. Shah and I started to get into our stride again with outfit shoots this past weekend, and I can't wait to share them with you!

. . . . . . .

Recently I drove my mom to a routine checkup at the hospital (she's fine, don't worry!), and before we headed back to the car, I spotted this faded, peeling peachy pink wall and immediately saw a photo op. I mean, I was dressed decently enough to warrant some outfit pics, after all (basically the same outfit as the one here, actually!). 

It's weird; I was always exclaiming "My mom isn't the best at taking photos" - because she's taken a couple of not-so-great ones previously - and whomever I was speaking to would usually go "My mom is the same, too!", but heck yes my mom proved me wrong that day - she has improved tremendeously!

She took one photo but before I could take a look, she said "Hold it! Your head looks like it's connected to the window behind you, let me take another one." 
I was already impressed because she was right; it did look that way. I shuffled backwards again to get another photo taken - et voilà!

It's good, right? Looks like I found another photog to snap me some quick OOTD photos!

Wearing: Zara men's jacket  |  Zara split-sides top  | Uniqlo maxi skirt  |  Adidas Neo polka dot sneakers  |  Marc Jacobs bag

*Photo taken with iPhone 5s by my Mommeeyh!