Oversized (and Camera Update!)

I'm very happy that my Samsung camera is fixed! It was just a loose screw that made the shutter get stuck, so I'm really glad it wasn't anything more serious. Shah and I started to get into our stride again with outfit shoots this past weekend, and I can't wait to share them with you!

. . . . . . .

Recently I drove my mom to a routine checkup at the hospital (she's fine, don't worry!), and before we headed back to the car, I spotted this faded, peeling peachy pink wall and immediately saw a photo op. I mean, I was dressed decently enough to warrant some outfit pics, after all (basically the same outfit as the one here, actually!). 

It's weird; I was always exclaiming "My mom isn't the best at taking photos" - because she's taken a couple of not-so-great ones previously - and whomever I was speaking to would usually go "My mom is the same, too!", but heck yes my mom proved me wrong that day - she has improved tremendeously!

She took one photo but before I could take a look, she said "Hold it! Your head looks like it's connected to the window behind you, let me take another one." 
I was already impressed because she was right; it did look that way. I shuffled backwards again to get another photo taken - et voilĂ !

It's good, right? Looks like I found another photog to snap me some quick OOTD photos!

Wearing: Zara men's jacket  |  Zara split-sides top  | Uniqlo maxi skirt  |  Adidas Neo polka dot sneakers  |  Marc Jacobs bag

*Photo taken with iPhone 5s by my Mommeeyh!


  1. Marilee (Judy) GramithNovember 07, 2016

    Oh my dear Liyana, Never, ever, ever doubt the knowledge, empathy, potential flexibility, and love of your dear mother.
    The photo is FABULOUS. Please share my compliment with her! =)

    1. Thank you, Judy! My mom is amazing at EVERYTHING she does; growing up, my mom was the computer whiz of the house, she's a wonderful cook (the best I know!), and she's the kindest, most generous person I know. I definitely underestimated her prowess as a photographer though, but never again!


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