One's a cult product in France (hence, internationally; it's a Paris thing) and another a cult product in Japan. Both makeup removers, both top-notch.
But which is better?

. . . . . . .

I was introduced to Bioderma when I started my stay (staycation?) in Paris in 2012 by Lisa Eldridge through her YouTube channel, but wasn't totally convinced to splurge on a bottle back then. I finally took that leap of faith a couple of months ago - only because I saw a miniature version of it in the local pharmacies, to be honest. (#cheapskatemuch) 
The main reason I took almost four long years years before trying Bioderma, even after reading rave reviews on it, was because I had discovered Biore Makeup Remover Wipes and was smitten at first try so I found no reason to try anything else. That is, until the phrase "cult product" eventually got to me (man that phrase is annoying).

Here are my thoughts on them, including the good and the bad for each product:

Biore Makeup Remover Wipes
with 44 wipes, retails at RM 35.30

How I use: Pull out a piece of pre-moistened wipes out of the plastic packet inside the plastic container and wipe away; I let the wipes rest on my closed eyelids before wiping to remove eye makeup and mascara faster.

The Good
  • Removes makeup like a magic - and quicker than Bioderma
  • Useful plastic container to store the plastic packet in, enabling the wipes to retain its moisture excellently (the packet is sold separately in pharmacies as well)
  • Travel-friendly; not a fan of totting cotton pads around when I'm travelling!
  • Cheaper

The Bad
  • Less gentle than Bioderma; rubbing too hard on the eyes (which is a no-no to begin with, but impatience gets the better of me sometimes) can cause a very slight stinging sensation, so it might not suit those with sensitive skin
Bioderma Sensibio H20
100ml, retails at RM 46

How I use: Soak cotton pads in this solution to wipe makeup off. Place two soaked cotton pads over each eye to let the solution break down waterproof makeup.

The Good
  • Very gentle; no irritated feeling whatsoever
  • Removes makeup extremely well

The Bad
  • A little pricey
  • It does remove makeup in a jiff, providing you completely soak your cotton pads, and that's using a whole lot of the pricey solution!
  • Finishes quicker than Biore; I can get many more times makeup removed with one pack of Biore compared to a bottle of this

Final verdict: Well, first of all, this statement: my blog isn't called "Affordorable" for no reason! Both work equally as well, but I get more uses out of a single pack of the cheaper Biore compared to the one small bottle of Bioderma. Although Biore's plastic container might not be a favourite with some people, I LAVS it; it is just so travel-friendly! My personal clear winner for me here is Biore Makeup Remover Wipes, but I understand that this is not going to be a popular choice, since Bioderma is so darn famous.
I'd like to note that I don't rely on these two alone to remove my makeup, as I do follow with an oil cleanser to clean my face of any traces of makeup thoroughly.

Have any of you  used either one of them or tested both? If you have any question about my experience with these two products, don't hesitate to leave any question ↴ here