Green Amongst the Greens

This green flowy top with bell sleeves that I wore during Eid has 3/4 sleeves, but instead of wearing the same green "hand socks" I wore during Eid (in case you're new here, hand socks are legitimately a thing), I layer a white shirt underneath. Just as well, since the top alone with the jeans just didn't cut it for me in terms of, well, 'looking cute'; the top ends at a weird place over the jeans so a good idea when that happens is to always layer and create a different illusion - and I'm just using the word "illusion" because it sounds fancy but really it's just that a look can improved so much more by layering.
Tip: Living in a hot and humid country? Layering two thin layers won't hurt yah, I promise - just don't spend the whole day under the sun!

These photos were taken at Pullman Putrajaya, which is quite the pretty hotel with lush greenery everywhere, so I was happy I brought along some outfits to shoot (my previous "kung fu fighting" getup was shot there as well, except I chose a secluded spot for that one). If you follow me on Instagram, maybe you had seen me sharing a few photos from my stay there. Lav lav LAV the breakfast buffet (I'm a fan of a good breakfast buffet and can spend up to two hours with a good book at one) but one major complaint I have is the hotel plays music on their ground from 7am to 11pm. 

Like why in the world would you turn on music at 7am outside guests' rooms when they're most likely still sleeping? No. Not cool, Pullman Putrajaya. 10am would have been a more acceptable time, probably - or even 8:30, really. Their customer service is pretty good though, because I don't think they enjoy having someone calling them up up to twice per day requesting no music - they usually either complied or turned the volume down - but I swear I'm a good hotel stay-er and it's not just me; I actually Googled reviews for the hotel to see if anyone else noticed the annoying music and there were a few complaints. It didn't bother Shah as much as it did me but he was out the door at 8 every morning for work, so I was left to deal with the "ambience music" alone, which got me really antsy as I could barely concentrate on getting work done on my laptop.
Ah well. I probably won't have to stay there again anytime soon anyway, and I did enjoy the stay while it lasted, so it's all good!

Wearing: Green flowy top from Subang Parade  |  Mitsumaru Emsexcite jeans (worn with Manchester United sweater before)  |  Adidas Stan Smith Honeycomb  


  1. I really like the color, cut, and fun sleeves on this top. I love the way you picked up a bit of the green on the back of the sneakers as well.
    Compliments to Shah for the lovely photography!

    1. Thank you, Judy! He'll be pleased to hear it =D


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