InstaLiyana: November 2016

If you guys don't know this about me already, my favourite social media platform is Instagram; I don't feel like my day is complete without scrolling through my feed and liking photos! <---does anyone else think this is some sort of unhealthy condition that I have, because I kind of do, but at the same time I can't helppp ittttt.

I know that some of you don't follow me through Instagram - it's cool that you don't, really, but if you do, THANK YOU - so I hope you guys don't mind me sharing snippets of my November Insta-snaps.

A friend of mine thought all those yummy scarves are from my own collection but I wish; I took that photo at my favourite scarves shop in Subang Parade. But I did purchase two scarves on that day, which were ummm kind of accidental and totally unplanned, whoopsie daisie, but, I mean, no hijabi can have too many scarves...I think?

Spent one whole day with two of my girlfriends <3

A week after his exam, my nephew Rayyan found out he got his yellow belt in taekwando - SO proud of him! Little Princess Arya and her taekwando classmates took turn punching through a wooden board at the same event; she took the most attempts, but did it in the end!

Unlike most people, I've always enjoyed staying for a long period of time at hotels, and my stay at Pullman Putrajaya for five nights was pretty good, too. Well, less so if I take the hotel ground's music into account, that is; read more about it in my Green Amongst the Greens outfit post. I must say, their bread station was pretty impressive, and I thoroughly regretted not trying every single piece of bread in this pic. PS: Carbs don't count when you're on staycations, right?

I managed to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on the first night it was released here in Malaysia, so thumbs-uppp. A lingering headache was bothering me all throughout the day right up until before the movie started, when Shah reminded me about the pact to wear our Gryffindor t-shirt and robe to the cinema, which instantly lifted up my spirits! J.K. Rowling and her magic, guys.

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  1. How fun to see you enjoying time with your girlfriends.
    SINCE I don't do Instagram I can't speak to that but I'm glad your enjoying it.

    1. Do you perhaps use any other social media platform? Twitter perhaps?

      I follow so many bloggers on Instagram, it's fun to see a part of them that isn't showed on their blog! Although admittedly not all show much more than their professional side.


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